Oppo - Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker

anyone tried Sonica from Oppo yet? I might have a contact that can get me one or 2 to play with if there is a need to know

A link to the site is here https://www.oppodigital.com/sonica/

Well I have a pair on demo and as its a pair I can test out the single and stereo paired options I hope.

SO far one issue is I see both speakers individually (even though they are paired in the Sinica App) as airplay devices and another issue is when I played to the left side of the pair I got left only, and when I played to the right side I got nothing. some more testing is coming up for sure.

Maybe the mods want to split this off to its own thread for me.

That’s now done for you.

Hey @Paul_Chatfield

Very interested in reading about your experience with those speakers. No hurry. Thanks for sharing.

As a single speaker these work well, big sound and small footprint…sadly the 2 speaker pair is not working as well as it does with the oppo sonica app.

So stereo setups don’t play well, at least not in my first attempt at this using Roon

2 single units in a group also has great difficulty playing in sync with delays as much as nearly a second making 2 in one room unlistenable - at least in my testing thus far.

I have managed to play using the sonica app from both jriver mc22 and synology diskstation devices that are seen on the network, BUT from the folder selection options in diskstation DSD is a no go. WAV and FLAC etc are fine.

At 300usd a pop I think it’s quite good value but if it was Roon ready it would be better of course and ideally able to play as a stereo pair in a room properly under AirPlay

That said there is a firmware update available but I have to check with the agent who has loaned me them if there is any issue updating them.

Well, that’s not good news for me. My interest in these speakers was the ability to use them as a stereo pair and, as occasion required, use one of them as a single speaker.

Let us know if you have success in making a stereo pair work.


OK an update…I have yet to do a pending firmware update…but some promising news

I am playing DLNA from my Synology NAS in stereo as a pair and this seems to be pretty good, but I might make mention of a very infrequent drop in audio (milliseconds) here and there I think that is maybe as I’m using wifi and both are on the same connection as is my laptop and iph and iPad but I could also run on LAN wired when i get time to find a couple of cables that will make that better I hope.

Have a few other things on…but the WAF so far has been good, and I have been instructed to kill the bedroom setup in favour of a pair of these.

Any updates from OPPO or ROON on if there will be support for Roon in Sonica speakers and the now newly announced DAC with wired and wifi network interface?