Speaker endpoints with RoonBridge?

Now that 1.2 is out and roonbridge is/will be more widespread, what speaker/amp endpoints are out there for multi-room solutions?

I don’t think the are any presently (happy to be proved wrong), it will be interesting to see how the market segment evolves.

I was about to write a post for the same question…

Being on the verge of a few purchases of small speakers for around the house, it would be just wonderful if anyone from the Roon team could tell us if there are in fact any of these on the horizon. No NDA-busting, just a ‘there might be in the next couple of months/six months/year/none planned’ (delete as appropriate) would be really helpful.

Otherwise it’s Raspberry Pi’s and/or Chromecasts into any number of speakers (current favourite idea is the Marshall Acton/Stanmore models - the ‘retro cool’ thing appeals to my design sensibilities and would look decent in kitchen/bedroom) BUT I really don’t like the idea of the mess - multiple power supplies and sundry cables - so if anything else was on the horizon it would save a lot of tears down the line :wink:


(PS I was originally looking at airplay devices, but frankly I’ve not seen any that appeal looks-wise within a sensible budget, and also I need RAAT capable in the kitchen or I’ll be forever cursing the fact that I can’t sync the lounge zone).

(PPS forgot that Chromecast Audio isn’t actually supported yet…)

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As a temp solution you could use the Pi+ an IQ audio amp to a passive speaker. just screw the case on the the back of the speaker and you have a cheaply rigged wireless RAAT capable speaker that only require 1 power wire. Not the most elegant solution but one that certainly fits the need.

Nice idea.

I’m specifically looking for an elegant solution ideally though…

I think this is a pretty elegant solution. And gives on access to better speakers.

I’m looking for the same thing. The closest I’ve found is Oppo’s Sonica Wifi Speaker. It supports Airplay, but (obviously) RAAT support would be even better.

@fritzg @hifi_swlon just FYI Spoke with a well known manufacturer at T.H.E. Show today who may have just what you are looking for being developed and i believe are currently working with Roon to get everything hammered out as far as licensing.

It sounds as if there will be two versions a normal box speaker bookshelf for a typical 2 channel setup and a model like the Oppo @mrvco mentions above for the kitchen.

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