Oppo UDP-203 over HDMI as endpoint: multichannel and DSD don't work

Oppo is out of that part of the business.

Daniel: problem you are describing is entirely different from mine. Please post your own issue somewhere else.

Hi @Alan_Watkins ,

Thanks again for sending those logs over! I discussed your case with the team and they inquired if you can please try to verify if the DSD files play back properly when using a lower sample rate in Device Setup for the affected zone.

The limitations of 5.1 multichannel content may be different than regular PCM content, please try to start at 48kHz and work your way up to see if there is a max sample rate supported for multichannel content.

Playing a 5.0 DSD file at 41.1 or 48k plays no sound and the progress bar moves very slowly. Sometimes I get a “file is playing slowly” error message.

96k the same

192k I get the failed to initialize message

BTW in all cases DSD strategy is convert to PCM

Post a signal path.

If your processing speed is below 1.3, disable Native DSD Processing.

If it’s already disabled, buy a PC with the highest performing CPU.

As it says in my original post, the “signal path” never starts because roon “failed to initialize the audio device.”

What does core processing speed have to do with that?

Yup. Just like that article says, it all works over HDMI In JRiver and Foobar, but not in Roon.

Also, for the 203 the following paragraph is a flat out lie:

“ Otherwise, use the USB DAC driver from Oppo. That then gives you the ASIO output driver option in foobar2000.”

I’ve asked both the author and NativeDSD to correct this.

Can you please post the screenshot of the signal path when you hear no sound at 41/48?

@Noris – would you please respond to my current issues with playback?

No I can’t, because after a week of fighting with it, suddenly it’s working and I don’t know why. I’ll come back if I can make it not work again.

hi @Alan_Watkins ,

Is the system still working as expected?
If there are any further issues, please let us know and we can take another look.