OPPO UDP 205 no MQA via USB

My setup :
Roon Rock 1.7 (build 528) stable on Intel NUC NUC8i3BEH
Oppo UDP 205 with latest firmware on same switch. I was streaming via network to oppo and works fine. I found out that the 205 fully supports MQA via USB so i connected my oppo via usb to the ROCK.
It was recognized and decoding and rendering is enabled in device setup. If i play MQA files i hear music but pressing info button on oppo shows no MQA info. Only AUDIO USB IN : LPCM 44.1khz

What is happening, please ?


Here is what ROON shows

Device settings

Did you update the USB DAC firmware as well the units firmware?

That seems to be necessary according to this old thread.

I found the latest firmware versions here:

Cheers, Greg

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I did not know the DAC upgrade was a separate step to be done.
I upgraded the DAC and guess what ? MQA is working…Thank You very much.


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