OPPO UDP-205 Outputs CD to All Speakers?

Hi, I’m new to Roon and loving it so far. One interesting issue for me is when I output to my OPPO UHD-205 Sound is coming out of all 5.1 speakers even though the recordings are only two channel. I looked at my setup in the OPPO menu and could not resolve it there. I switched to the CD two channel output that Oppo offers and while the sound comes from the left and right speaker, it is missing from sound it is placing in other speakers like the vocalist. My processor is a Sunfire TGP-5 feeding a sunfire Grand Cinema Signature amp. I don’t see a setting in the TGP-5 that addresses this either. How do I get the sound to come out as a proper two-channel output?

  1. How are you connecting the Oppo to the Sunfire? S/PDIF, 5xanalog?
  2. Does the Sunfire tell you on its display what format it is receiving?
  3. Have you looked at the Oppo setup menus to see/assure that it is sending stereo?
  4. What does this have to do with ROON?
  1. 5x analog XLR Kimber Kable
  2. Not for this.
  3. That was it! Found the issue which was in the OPPO audio setup. DTS Neo:6 Mode was turned on. Needs to be turned off.
  4. I have two new things in my system. The OPPO UHD-205 has been in my system for about a week, and Roon is new too. Was not sure which one was the issue.

Thanks for your help.