Optimizing Brooklyn Bridge Sound?

Maybe this is just the way it is, but I am finding my BB lacking compared to my analog vinyl setup. I have a pretty nice vinyl playback setup with probably $10K invested in TT, phono pre, cartridge, etc. I play my BB from my dedicated Mac M1 with an external 3TB hard drive. Connected to BB via Wireworld Silver Starlight USB cable. I use a Cary 300B integrated tube amp.

What would be the best settings to deliver more resolution, especially upper end?

If this device is Roon Ready, and it appears to be, then you should try the Ethernet connection. The BB should appear in settings - Audio in the Roon Ready section.

The BB is a top quality streamer/DAC. I’m surprised that you find it lacking. Worth checking all your settings. Admittedly, I use mine as a Roon endpoint via network.

Unfortunately, I am not physically close to being able to use an ethernet option. Use the USB from Mac.