Option to allow backup to pause streaming so backup will run

Please add an option to the backup to override streaming so the backup can run automatically.

My automatic backup NEVER runs because I’m always streaming, a simple switch to pause the stream while the backup snapshots would be awesome.

Wow, as in 24/7 continuous streaming?

I have my backup scheduled for 0400 each morning … it’s rarely missed … I like to sleep now and again.

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You might try this extension: Roon Extension: Alarm Clock v0.7.4

I just leave it running all of the time, and mute when I don’t want to hear.

I will try and report back in a few, seems like it may work for what I need, thanks.

The extension running is problematic since I am running ROCK and there is no direct way to run it from there. I had it on my laptop and it did work once but it is not the reliable method I was hoping for.
So my original request for an automatic pause switch to run the backup still seems relevant for ROCK implementation.

I agree. A feature which forces the backup to complete is needed. It should be default to complete backups of the server if the target path is available, regardless of the state the clients/players are in.

I was surprised to see that the backup of the server failed, just because someone had forgotten to turn off the radio in the garage. A couple of radios connected to Roon are streaming 24/7.

I have not found any documentation related to cases where the backup will fail. Can you please add this to the KB?

Or the reverse, the backup is paused when I want to listen. Who is in charge here, me or the damn computer?

(Not kidding, sometimes I wake up and music helps me fall asleep, not heavy metal.)

Already there?

The obvious cases that the backup will fail should the backup location be unavailable, inaccessible or out of space are the only missing cases that come to my mind, but it should be indicated in the error description for the failed backup.

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