Option to move ‘Recommended for you’ to somewhere else or turn off

I would like the ‘Recommended to you’ feature to be optional on that location. I have alway liked the clean chronological overview of the artists discography.

Now there is this new section above it and I really don’t like it, at all. For me this is an unwanted intrusion.

I really never had any use for recommendations. It kinda feels useless to get a recommendation for a Rush compilation album when I have been listening to Rush since January 1977. I know, the algorithm will get better, but I don’t need it.

I know what I want and I know what I like. It feels very unwanted for me. I would really like the option to move it or turn it off completely.

I think it would have been better placed at the ‘Tracks’ ‘Credits’ ‘Version’ section just above the track list.

Out of sight and optional.


I agree, the recommendations are not interesting to me either and not close to what I’d like to listen to (and I have very broad tastes). Reordering these sections would be a great feature but I feel like the interface is like one big painted screen without individual elements that could be moved.

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Yes, the option to turn it of would be good.


OMG: just started playback of an album and seen where “Recommended for You” is :open_mouth: and I totally agree with @Henri

PLEASE: at the very least move it at the end of “By This Artist” albums or, as suggested, give users an option to turn it off

thanks for listening :wink:


Or, maybe have a Tabbed interface there: Recommended For You / Chronological with a setting to set default behaviour.


That would be fine by me. As long as it is out of my album list. It doesn’t belong there.


Glad to see I’m not alone here.

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I also would like to see the recommendation under the “by this artist” list or at the right side of this list (plenty of screen left there)

On the other hand I think it is really to early to crutisize the recommendations itself. It’s a algorithm that needs time. It will get better. When Roon radio started including streaming content it was pretty terrible at the beginning, this has improved a lot over time and so will this feature.

I agree with the original poster that there should be an option to toggle this service off completely and not only move it out of sight. For me there is no need for additional web traffic for a service that I don’t need.

Althought that at the moment I generally like the idea, I agree that there should be an option to switch this feature off if not needed by the user.

As they have put this in Discovery section on mobile app perhaps that would be it’s better home across the board? After all it is a discovery feature. Makes sense to me to have it their.

Yea, perhaps I should have worded it better.

There are my subjective preference: I don’t really need it or want it.

And my request: there is nothing wrong with the idea itself. But it would be great if it was placed somewhere else, out if sight, or if we got the option to turn it off.

The request is what matters. My personal preferences are irrelevant to the rest of the world.

The reason why this should be optional is exactly that last sentence.

A software developer may think his latest and greatest idea may be the best thing since the invention of sliced bread, but in the end it is just his personal preference, a reflection of his value judgement.

For the rest of the world it may be just as irrelevant as my preferences are. The thing is, a developer can not know what users will like or dislike. What sounds like the best idea to you, may be intensely disliked by the user.

Hence the need for feedback in forums and the request for options. Don’t shove new features in the face of the users, give them options.

Never operate on the idea that you know what is best for the user. Believe me, you don’t. Nobody does.
If developers could know this, all developers would be successful and rich. But users have different needs and are unpredictable.

Notice that I didn’t criticize the ‘What’s new for you’ section. There is a reason for that.

To see the ‘What new for you’ section, I have to scroll to it.

To not see the ‘Recommended for you’ section’ I have to scroll away from it.

Big difference. Please make ‘Recommended for you’ section optional.

I would like to see the “Recommended For You” section moved below the “By This Artist” section. Failing that, I would like to have an option to turn off the “Recommended For You” section.

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I like the placing. For artists with a lot of albums, below the artist albums would be a pain.
I like this new feature but I could live with an option to turn it off

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I agree with this request. I would put it as a tab above the tracks (like the “versions”) or as a tab in the right column behind the discography.

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I agree wholeheartedly. Part of discovering new music is ritual like for me. I avidly read the music press, follow great threads on forums. Discuss new music with friends and family. Sometimes just give an album a whirl if I like the art work.

I find 1.7 to be eating into my personal ritual and as you quite rightly indicate, can be more distracting than helpful.

Making this optional would be of benefit.


plus… I know it is NOT the case here, but… having something like “Recommended for You” so in my face… stinks (sorry) of advertising :no_mouth: (just a down there feeling)

wouldn’t if I had to “search” for it myself :wink:


I think roon have misunderstood how a section of music enthusiasts find new artists.

This feels like dumbed down Roon to me.

I usually am not one to criticise but this release has really bothered me.

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I love the new For You information but would be happy with a toggle. I for one don’t assiduously comb the music press etc and this feature fits in with why I got roon in the first place, to help discovery of new artists and music.

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I’d be more sympathetic to this new feature if it had yet shown me a SINGLE recommendation that I would actually consider listening to :smiley:

I know my taste is a bit weird, but it doesn’t really know me at all lol.