Option to move ‘Recommended for you’ to somewhere else or turn off

The exact opposite here. I love the new feature and for me that is exactly what I want to achieve with roon. Besides a good looking music player a tool to easily find new artists.


Please let’s not devolve this tread into a pro vs con debate. The purpose of this topic is to get some options concerning this feature. That’s all.


Indeed! ^^^
I do love, and avidly browse, the new “New Releases for You” section and, while reading v1.7 release notes, I thought that was the “recommended for you” section too

then when I started playing an album got it, instead, right in my way where I do not want/need it! :roll_eyes:

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Besides wishing that “New Releases” could be turned off, I also notice that it sometimes contains recommendations taken from Qobuz, that I actually possess in CD or hirez quality. It doesn’t consider what I already have in my music library.

It does but the new release may be a variant that meets the machine’s judgement of is this different enough.

Yea, I also get lots of recommendations that I already have. Might be different versions but it still doesn’t make me care more for this feature.

I took a look at Plex Music and while it can not compare to Roon in several aspects, it does recommendations much better. Within Plex Music, recommendations are placed beneath the discography of the band. I don’t mind that. I wish Roon did the same. Then I could just ignore it.

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Mike, would you, please consider moving recommendations away from the top of the album list? I find it very annoying there. I am not against the feature per sé, but I absolutely don’t want it at that location.

Underneath the album list would be fine but not in my face at the top.



That is only your opinion. So, Mike, please don’t hear on a single opinion.
I like it on top. Underneath the album list would make the feature unusable for artists with a lot of albums like The Grateful Dead.
Maybe an option to disable it, for people who don’t want this feature.

I also support the request to move “ Recommended for you” .

I do appreciate the “content” (for me much more relevant than New Releases For You), but I find it extremely distracting.

When I am listening to an album, I am listening to an artist’s work, and I will explore the tracks (lyrics), the album (credits) and the artist ( other albums).
Showing other artists/albums really distracts from getting to better know the artist I am listening to. I appreciate to be ‘informed’ about similar artists, but only ‘on demand’ or after having finished listening to the full album.
It is great to be made aware of all good music that is available, but it is even greater to be able to really discover and get acquanted with an artist you appreciate/love instead of jumping from one artist to the other.
In the end, you don’t remind, and as such appreciate, any of them


This post and thread serves only to show that Roon’s UI needs a rethink. I agree with @Henri that it has no place at the top of an arist’s album listing. It’s not like I tripped over my mind in arriving at a particular artist. Clearly I’m wanting to look for an album by that artist to play, not browse some other list of lowest common denominators among Roon’s user base. There’s a place for that list somewhere, but its current position is not that place.

Roon may see it as a higher order objective to stop us playing the same old stuff, but obfuscating what’s in a user’s collection to serve this objective is wrong.


Thanks evand for elucidating my point.

I agree the current position is maybe not the best, but I don’t prefer it at the bottom. Let the user decided, turned off, at the bottom or - what I prefer - an option where you can set how many albums a user would like to see, where 0 shows the Recommended for as a link like “See more” now.

Another simple way to solve this is to make the screen scrollable.
What I mean by that is that the user should be able to move the vertical line between the track details at the left, and the Recommended Albums at the right, should be moveable .
In that way, pulling this line to the right the user can ‘hide’ the recommended albums.

It should be a tabbed interface just like Tracks/Versions/Credits…


Hi Daniel
That is indeed another way to do it. The only remark I would like to make is that the current tabs are all album specific, whilst the new one in reality has nothing to do with it.

I actually love the “Recommended for You” feature - but the OP is right, there should be a toggle on/off, for those who don’t. My issue is that it only shows albums from Qobuz that I don’t have in my personal library. This is actually great! Because it shows me relevant stuff I don’t already have. But again, it would be great to be able to switch it to include ALL related albums, regardless of whether they are in the user’s own library or on Qubuz.

The main takeaway is that as great as Roon is - in general it is not very customizable, at all. More customization would be great.


+1 for an option to switch it off or hide.
Feels like ‘ads’ showing up on the side of a free news page. In most cases, not relevant and annoying.


Very well put Dirk. It indeed feels like unwanted adds.

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I strongly support this request. Please let me turn off new releases and recommendations. I want to discover music through people, not algorithms.


I fully agree with you. Because of this feature I disconnected Room from my Tidal account. As it stands now Roon will remain disconnected from Tidal (I do not use Qobuz anymore). I will continue using Tidal on my mobile which if necessary I can cast to my amplifier. I try appreciate music and I do not want to just consume it therefore constant nagging to listen more is no good for me.