Option to move ‘Recommended for you’ to somewhere else or turn off

Nice to be reminded that the music you have is just as important, if not more so than the music you don’t have. Hopefully the feature whiz’ at Roon remember this from time to time.


Bringing this thread back to life. I really like the “Recommended for you” feature, but the placement is just awful. Being able to turn it off is only a partial option. What is really need is the ability to move it somewhere else so that you can still use it but you don’t lose clean access to the “By This Artist” section.

I would be fine with that.

This has been asked for since release, but I’m not holding my breath for a change. Seems to me the music you don’t have is where Roon wants you focused.


Is there a way to turn off or hide ‘Recommendations for you’ on the Album screen?

I’d prefer not to have it there, partly because it bumps down the ‘By this artist’ section which is far more relevant, but mainly because it’s contents are rarely closely related to the viewed album and are usually comically (or crassly) unrelated. Even if it worked better, I’d prefer to have the option of getting rid of some of this unwanted clutter (I’ve long felt the same about Roon Radio: it should be displayed optionally).

I’ve found a perverse workaround, which is to try to prevent Roon from identifying albums: unidentified albums seem to be free from ‘Recommendations for you’! But surely there should be a better way of opting out of this?


Thanks for the great tip! I removed the identification from some previous albums and it works great! The entire right column is gone. (I already know the other albums I got by this artist anyway).

Any news about “Recommended for you”? The more this option sits on my screen, the more annoying it becomes for me. When I listen, I don’t want to receive recommendations that, at the end, are just commercial teasers luring to the services you subscribe to.

PLEASE make this toggle-able. It is not appreciated by a lot of Room users.

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No news for now. There has been no change implemented with the latest roon update. And there has been no response to our request. I canceled Tidal this morning to get rid of the annoying recommendations. For now that seems the only way.

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You should let Tidal know why you cancelled.

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I wanted to. That was part of the plan. But I saw no option to do so. Maybe I missed something.

Email their support team if there’s no other option.

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I like Recommended for You, I just would like to have the option to have it include albums in my personal library. Currently it omits albums I actually own. Great for discovering new stuff, poor for actually showing the most closely related albums. I would turn it off sometimes myself even though I like the feature, because it definitely can be a distraction. Really there should be 4 options:

  1. OFF - that would satisfy the OP and many others who do not like this feature.
  2. ON, and include only albums from Tidal or Qobuz you do not own. This is the way it is currently. Again, great for discovering “new to you” albums. But limited usefulness otherwise.
  3. ON, and include albums from both your own local collection, and from the streaming providers. I would use this option the most.
  4. On, but include only locally stored albums, and exclude albums from streaming. Personally I can’t think of a use case for this but I’m sure others might so it should be included to cover all bases.

I’d love a Roon staff member to comment. If this feature request is ignored, I would be tempted to conclude that it’s a part of the deal that was made with the streamers. I think that is where some of the resentment comes in, where people complain that Roon doesn’t care about non-streamers anymore, etc. I don’t necessarily feel that way, mind. But it seems to be a point of view that’s out there.

And when you have a feature, that can’t be turned off, that is meant to push the streaming content into people’s faces, it would be easy to conclude that you as a paying customer are becoming more of a means to an end, and Roon might be answering more to the streaming services than to the customers at this point. Again, I’m not saying I feel that way. But the fact is, this was shoehorned into prime real estate on the Roon UI, and can’t be disabled.

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,“I would be tempted to conclude that it’s a part of the deal that was made with the streamers. I think that is where some of the resentment comes in, where people complain that Roon doesn’t care about non-streamers anymore, etc. I don’t necessarily feel that way, mind. But it seems to be a point of view that’s out there”

There’s a point of view “out there” that the earth is flat but that doesn’t stop the holders of that belief being wrong.

Take a step back and look at how many feature requests there have been this year. Each poster is understandably attached to their idea. But there is no way Roon can address every feature request. It makes sense to have a policy where Roon does not comment on features. They sometimes do, but it’s reasonable that they should not.
Roon has stated they review the requests weekly. When the number of views gets high that may carry some weight (I have no way of knowing). But a lack of a response shouldn’t be taken as a slight to a particular idea.


While the number of requests is high I see this differently. Many Roon users have valid requests and naturally write in about them. It is mostly important features that would benefit many. The Roon developers are behind implementing even their own features, let alone users’ requests. When this starts to pile up it should be a warning signal - and I am sure it is within Roon.

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Not all feature request are good ideas. Obviously, the person making the request thinks it is, but the majority of Roon users may not agree. More importantly, the Roon organization may not agree. Also, I’m sure Roon does not have the resources to deal with all of the feature request, even those that are actually a good idea. They have to prioritize and work on the ones they think make the most sense for their product and their customers.

One worry I have is that the guys at Roon support sends quite a few cases to the “devs” for research and hopefully resolving. These are probably the same people we know to design and write code for new features. If they are swamped with support cases, new things will suffer. It’s a difficult balance :worried:

No doubt, they need to fix problems before adding new features. It’s a question of resources and how big does Roon want to become, and how fast.

The recommendations, which are in fact only targeted commercials, are absolutely out of place in an appliacation that is as expensive as Roon. I did not pay for Roon to permanently confront commercials that, by the way, most of the time don’t hit my taste of music. There are at least two such obtrusive “recommendations”, one at the first page of Overview and the side column when playing an album.
Please spare us the commercials in Roon or let us decide if we want to be bombarded by them.
I will cancel my subscription to remove them for the time being. My collection is big enough to keep me happy for a long time.


I’m sorry this is my first post to the forum, but here it is. I’m coming up on about 20 days left on a very generous 60 day trial period of Roon and unfortunately this thread has pretty much put the final nail in the coffin. I have been a HiFi/Masters level Tidal subscriber for several years and really enjoy it. Even through I worked in the physical media manufacturing area (Sony DADC and was laid off in 2018), I can openly say Tidal is saving me cash, by not buying a bunch of new releases every week and only buying the ones I really enjoy. Plus having these recordings in at least CD quality and some in Hi-Res, is just icing on the cake, eh? I had always thought Roon was a waste of money for just a load of more metadata and details. But this free trial has changed my tune. I have come to love the way Roon integrates all of my local music with Tidal and I also love using it as a player for Tidal, since I use Linux and MQA unfolding is missing from the Tidal web player. I even purchased a small tablet to goof around with remote controlling Roon. Unfortunately, due to this deeply entrenched policy of no monthly payment plans and the issue this thread has so brilliantly illuminated, I will be letting the trial end. The lack of discussion and contact from the powers that be on these two topics is frankly deafening. I know Roon is in business to make a profit, but I feel like their motives, especially with these two issues, are definitely showing a bit too much. Firstly, a bunch of up front money, which I always worry about with tech companies, poof they be gone. Secondly, this pushing of recommended artist/albums into the highly visible areas of the product, which is basically advertising. Lastly, I definitely get the vibe that the streaming customers are becoming more valuable than the non-streaming collector types. Sorry, as much as I love this interface/player, I just can’t justify to myself paying to be shown ads and being just a cash cow with no say in the process. Good luck everyone and I’ll try to savor these last few days. Cheers. :sunglasses: