Orbi and Roon with and w/o network security

Roon and Orbi work well together with no security, even in remote areas of my house. When WPA is enabled my Audio Zones don’t appear. I’m trying Orbi in order to extend my range and ameliorate Roon/Tidal/Poly network issues.

Overall my internet is much snappier with Orbi.

Thank you.

If your audio zones are connected via wifi and you enable WPA security after they have connected then you will need to add the WPA password to ALL the endpoints for them to connect with the new settings.

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Thank you. I thought I had done that with Poly but apparently not. It was really nice of you to respond so quickly. I’m looking forward to a whole house Poly/Roon/Tidal experience.

Your are most welcome…enjoy the music :smiley:

Hey there @David_Wagner!

I just wanted to check in and make sure you were able to get everything up and running here. If you need anything I’m here to help!


Yes. Thank you. Everything seems to work great so far. Getting Roon/Poly/Tidal all through the house. The two Orbi setup seems to have really good range. Haven’t had a Tidal network issue yet.

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Do you mean one base station and two Orbi satellites when you say the “two Orbi” setup? This is what I have and it is pretty awesome and solved my Wifi problems. I don’t have a huge apartment but I had a lot of trouble getting a good signal in the back of the living room where the Mac Mini was streaming to my stereo. The router was in the bedroom on the farthest wall. Once I got one Orbi satellite in a good position about halfway between the router and the Mac Mini and the other satellite in the kitchen, everything worked well, including Roon+Tidal. I’m streaming in all three rooms without problems.

One base downstairs, one satellite upstairs. Seemed to fix my Poly/Roon/Tidal skipping problems.

Update on Tidal/Roon/Poly. The problems are back since the Roon update a few days ago. Actually, the skipping of tracks is worse than it has ever been. It’s too bad, because Tidal/Roon/Poly were working together flawlessly since my Orbi purchase May 11th.