Order of Albums in Roon not matching order in qobuz

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, HP Intel I7 24 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet 1 GB

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2; Sonos Connect, Connect Amp, 5, Beam

Number of Tracks in Library

20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I recently moved my Roon Core to another machine. First I added my own music from from albums stored on my NAS. Then I connected to qobuz. The albums from my NAS show up first (even though I am sorting my music Last in First Out). When I disable my Music Folder in Roon, the qobuz albums show in correct order.

I want my qobuz music to show first. How can I do this?

Sort by date added, and click the arrow icon to change the ordering (Ascending/Descending) as required?


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I think I know what he means as I had exactly the same when I changed core over to the new server.
You would need to NOT add Qobuz as a service UNTIL Roon had completed importing all your local files AND analyzing them.
Then after that sign back into Qobuz in services and it would then have seen those all as newest added.
Right now it’s probably a pretty mixed bag.
It will not matter how you sort right now as local are mixed with Qobuz on date added sort order.

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Hi @AceRimmer, could you confirm that restoring the Roon DB (taken from the old core) did not fix this?

I did not restore from DB backup as the community here and myself felt it was probably not worth it as while I was in the changeover I had taken opportunity to purge my local file HDD of a lot of albums I did not like.
So did not want to confuse Roon with a backup that alluded to a lot of albums that simply were not in my local library any longer.

That’s why I said I think the op is in the same boat as I was on setup of new core.

It’s possible that restoring from an existing backup might have worked in the ops case.

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I think so as well. @richard_rubenstein I’m assuming you didn’t do this, is there a reason why not?

I did add the ‘Music Folder’ of my locally stored music first (assuming that the ‘date added’ would be yesterday’s date), yesterday in fact. Then this morning I connected Room to qobuz, using the logic that you mentioned (assuming that the ‘date added’ would be today and would therefore be at the top).

I don’t know how to restore from a backup from my other machine.

Thank you!

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