Original Apple HomePod & Roon

If I buy an Apple Homepod for the bedroom, can I stream Qobuz via Roon on my iPad Pro via airplay to the Homepod? Can I also airplay Spotify from the iPad Pro to the Homepod? Want a good sounding single speaker for the bedroom as the iPad Pro’s speakers are a little small. Don’t need massive volume or bass, just good clear sound for reading to at night prior to sleeping.

Roy you should be able to do both.
You can certainly stream from Roon to any Airplay device, but remember that you are limited to 16/44.1 (CD quality), but that should not be an issue.

I don’t have Spotify but I am pretty sure it does Airplay as well so hopefully you should be 2 for 2 for you’re questions


Yes to both. Have an original HomePod and two HomePod minis. All work with Roon over
Airplay. Stereo Pairs will sync too so volume up on one puts it up on other too, even though they show as two endpoints.

Spotify will play over airplay direct from the app or using the airplay widget in control centre. It will not play as Spotify connect, so your iPad will still need to stream the music throughout the listening session. For the money, I think HomePod is a fabulous sounding wireless speaker.