OS 10.11 "El Capitan." To install or not to install, that is the question

Hello Chris,

That’s the Spirit. I completely understand getting grumpy when things break because of change, intentional or othewise. And when product manufacturer’s don’t keep up and leave us in the mess from the spilled glass they left half full but got knocked over anyway.

And Apple at one time did break Integer Mode, but eventually returned it, if I have that correctly.

What I do appreciate is how the transition now that I am a lifetime licensee of roon has been experienced given the introduction of so many changes and keeping up with so many updates. That for me is the acid test for commitment to the pursuit of excellence. I don’t think a concern involved in innovation can fake that. It either flies or it crashes. With roon, I haven’t hit the deck yet. Without exaggeration, I am soaring in the best sense of that despite the phonological ambiguity (sort of). Soar, sore. Maybe snore if I don’t stop (smile).

Hope it all works out for you. Back to the enjoyment of music.


LOL, I"m not sure I’d let Apple off the hook that quickly since they were in fact the ones to push firewire in the first place.

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Thanks Richard. I completely agree about Roon and am very glad to have taken up the lifetime membership. My grumpiness was in no way directed at Roonlabs, and has dissipated now anyway,

Best wishes


El Capitan does not recognize my LH Geek Pulse Xfi at all. Luckily, I still had my old Benchmark DAC-1 HDR and that works fine. I have a 2011 MacMini. Apparently older Macs are having USB audio issues. Beware.

Can confirm I have Roon working on El Capitan running on: Mac Pro late 2013, Macbook Pro R & MacBook 12".

It is also working iOS 9 on iPad Air 2

Roon running fine with El Capitan on mid-2012 15" Macbook Pro. Simple set up, audio out via usb to Schiit Modi.

I tried the upgrade this morning on my mid-2012 Macbook Pro but it got stuck on the grey screen - this seems to have happened to a number of people. Luckily I was able to restart in recovery mode and restore from Time Machine. I think I’ll stick with Yosemite for the moment!

Not sure if it’s related to El Capitan but my library is rebuilding often since the update… I’ve been losing edits, album covers, artist pictures,…
Obviously also the recently added content is completely wrong now as well… I’already had to restore the entire Roon folder to get things back the way they were.
Roon has also crashed a couple of times (never had that on Yosemite). All these things started to happen after the update to El Capitan.
Again I can’t be sure the os is to blame but it perhaps it’s wise to wait a bit

I installed El Capitan and it resolved an intermittent graphic issue (garbled fonts) that I had been experiencing with the integrated Intel graphics card of my Macbook.

So, Roon & El Capitan has been a positive experience for me.

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Thanks to all. I have successfully installed El Capitan on my Macbook Pro and Mac Mini with no problems at all (Roon or otherwise).


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Hello All,

I am only reposting in case new members are reading this thread and are concerned about El Capitan. I, too, experienced no problems with roon after installing El Capitan or iOS 9.2.

Microsoft’s Office For Mac 2011, Outlook, yes. But roon Core and the remote app and the roon Client are prospering. I realize other members may have issues. I don’t and those on the fence whether to upgrade or not, for my part, I am also prospering. The music’s even better.

If it’s a toss-up, use your best judgment.


OK I can happily report that my recent problems were related to a bad modem. My internet provider installed a new one and problems have gone away. The malfunctioning modem just started at about the same time as the the El Capitan update.
All is well now performance wise


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What are defined as “older Macs”?

In my case, a 2011 Mac Mini. So maybe, 2011 and earlier? I have three DACs (Benchmark, Auralic, and Light Harmonic). Only the LH is having issues. I need to contact their support, but have been too busy to deal with it.

Thanks. After working on this all morning, I have ruled out OSX. Problem turned out to be something connected with my Uptone Audio USB Regen. I am working with them now to try to sort out the issues. I now have functioning JRivers / Roon / NAD D3020 or Moon Audio WA7 Fireflies all working well with hi-res files.

Upgraded my Late 2012 Mac Mini (main Roon server), Mid 2014 and Mid 2009 MacBook Pro’s (remotes) last night - all good with my Meridian and Airplay endpoints.


I’ve tried Roon on a 3 year old Mac Mini, a 2010 MacBook Pro i7 and a a 2008 iMac and software wise it all ran beautiful. The problem with El Capitan lies with d/a-converters that need proprietary drivers. My Chord QDB76 HDSD and M2Tech Young wouldn’t work with any software. The Chord Hugo, iFi DAC2, Audioquest Dragonfly and NuForce µDAC3 all worked fine. That’s not related to Roon but to changes in driver structure in El Capitan. So if your DAC needs a proprietary driver you’ll better wait till your manufacturer issues an El Capitan driver.

Before installing El Capitan you need to check with your DAC / Interface manufacturer. Playback Designs sent me an email that there are severe issues with the USB implementation and that El Capitan is NOT currently compatible with their (PB) USB-X implementation. They therefore recommend to hold off upgrading until this gets sorted out.

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I decided to try the upgrade again with the release of 10.11.2 and so far everything seems to be working OK.