OS 10.11 "El Capitan." To install or not to install, that is the question

What are defined as “older Macs”?

In my case, a 2011 Mac Mini. So maybe, 2011 and earlier? I have three DACs (Benchmark, Auralic, and Light Harmonic). Only the LH is having issues. I need to contact their support, but have been too busy to deal with it.

Thanks. After working on this all morning, I have ruled out OSX. Problem turned out to be something connected with my Uptone Audio USB Regen. I am working with them now to try to sort out the issues. I now have functioning JRivers / Roon / NAD D3020 or Moon Audio WA7 Fireflies all working well with hi-res files.

Upgraded my Late 2012 Mac Mini (main Roon server), Mid 2014 and Mid 2009 MacBook Pro’s (remotes) last night - all good with my Meridian and Airplay endpoints.


I’ve tried Roon on a 3 year old Mac Mini, a 2010 MacBook Pro i7 and a a 2008 iMac and software wise it all ran beautiful. The problem with El Capitan lies with d/a-converters that need proprietary drivers. My Chord QDB76 HDSD and M2Tech Young wouldn’t work with any software. The Chord Hugo, iFi DAC2, Audioquest Dragonfly and NuForce µDAC3 all worked fine. That’s not related to Roon but to changes in driver structure in El Capitan. So if your DAC needs a proprietary driver you’ll better wait till your manufacturer issues an El Capitan driver.

Before installing El Capitan you need to check with your DAC / Interface manufacturer. Playback Designs sent me an email that there are severe issues with the USB implementation and that El Capitan is NOT currently compatible with their (PB) USB-X implementation. They therefore recommend to hold off upgrading until this gets sorted out.

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I decided to try the upgrade again with the release of 10.11.2 and so far everything seems to be working OK.