Os catalina migration

i’v been using mojave for some time now on my imac roon core. am i totally safe ie no issues if i transfer to os catalina or should i wait.? @support

second point: i use roon exclusively just for tidal integration with no locally stored music. my core is on my 2013 late imac. if i buy a new dedicated windows laptop is there a simple straightforward way to transfer cores without backing up anything or complicating the procedure. i am not very tech savvy and worried about loosing my stored roon artists/albums. i do have a current backup on an external hd but i understand all my music is in the tidal cloud anyhow and hoping this would greatly simplify the transfer of cores if i go that way?

Hi @musickid,

Yes, we are compatible with macOS Catalina.

When moving Cores you’ll want to use our migration guide in order to maintain any Roon specific data such as play counts, edits, and playlists. Even if you only use TIDAL this will need to be done to retain this information.

thanks Dylan

is there a way to dedicate my current imac as a remote and then on installing roon on a new windows laptop then choose that as the new core. in this case all of my roon interaction would be on the new laptop core but i would just keep the imac remote as it would no harm? i keep seeing ‘choose your new core’ so i’m curious under what circumstances choosing a new core is used. i found this quote:

In “Settings - General” you can disconnect from the current core.
When disconnected you can select the core you want to connect to.

if you want to move your Roon core to a different PC, just go ahead and install it on the 2nd machine. When you attempt to launch it as a core you will be given an error message that says you’ve already authorized your first machine, and you’ll see an option to unauthorize it. Unauthorize the first machine (you’ll be automatically logged out), and authorize the new one. You can then launch switch to a remote on your first machine.

sounds very simple?

btw catalina is very smooth and no glitches with roon.

Hi @musickid,

The quote you found is correct — You can go to Settings > General and disconnect from the current Core machine. From there you can choose the new PC as your new Core which will cause the iMac to act as a remote for that Core.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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