OS X remote take minutes to find Window 8.1 server (Build 65)

MBP13" running OS X 10.10.5 takes ages to find Windows 8.1 server (both on Build 65). My MBP15" finds it instantly.

I thought it wasn’t connecting at all but I see that while I started this thread it has finally found the server. But I think it’s taken about 2 minutes.

What can I check? @vova do you want logs from the remote?

Something to add to this, the MBP13" sees immediately, every time, the Roon Server running on the MBP15". But it somehow then doesn’t want to find the one running on the NUC. I mention this because (a) it says something about the MBP13" connectivity being relatively OK, and (b) I wondered whether having two servers on the network confuses it.

The MBP15" running Roon is connected by Wireless. The NUC running Roon is connected by Ethernet.

The MBP13" which is having trouble seeing the Roon-NUC is connected by Wireless.


@danny has been looking into this kind of issue. I know he fixed some stuff for the build 65 release. Interested to see what he thinks about this.