OSX 1.2 (build 142) does not switch sample rates DSD to PCM or vice versa [Solved]

Mac Mini 2009 2.53 Intel Core Duo running Yosemite 10.10.5 8GB RAM 250GB SSD

Music stored on a Thecus N5550 NAS > AirPort Extreme > Mac Mini > Playback Designs MPD-3 DAC (DSD128-capable, 352.8kHz PCM-capable)

If I play a DSD64 or DSD128 track immediately after starting Roon, then try to play a PCM track, the track sits at 0.0 seconds for a second or two and then the triangle Play button grays out and nothing further happens – no music. I can select another DSD file and the file plays normally.

If instead I play a PCM file immediately after starting Roon, it plays normally but when I try to play a DSD file the track sits at 0.0 seconds, then the triangle Play button grays out and nothing further happens – no music.

This occurs whether I have my Mac Mini connected via USB directly to my DAC, or if I use the following path:

NAS and Mini > AirPort Extreme > Sonore microRendu > DAC

If I instead use an Surender N100H streamer via USB into the DAC, the Aurender and DAC negotiate sample rate changes and DSD or PCM and back fine, so I do not believe it is the DAC.

Correction to my first post:

If I am using a Sonore microRendu I can switch between PCM and DSD64 and back without restarting Roon, however DSD128 files will not play.

DSD128 files play perfectly via an Aurender N100H > USB > DAC

Very frustrating.

It is :slight_smile: Would you mind to share Roon logs, so we can analyze them? I’ll contact you via PM with more details,


I received my new microRendu a day ago (the previous one was on loan from a friend). Unable to duplicate the problems. DSD128 files play perfectly via Roon > microRendu (RoonReady mode) and also Roon > HQPlayer > microRendu (HQPlayer NAA mode).

Consider the problem report closed since I am unable to duplicate the original problems. Thanks for your time and trouble, and for whatever the Roon team and JR of Sonore did behind the scenes to take care of this.

Steve Z


Thanks for info.