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Time and time again I read how badly artists are doing right now with the lack of live performances by Corana. There are frightening figures circulating about the payout to our independent artists, some of whom are also in our Roon community for the love of music. Niche halt, where music seems devalued.

Undeniably, leading streaming services like Spotify have stopped the decline of the music industry. Independent artists and labels continue to lament the loss of their livelihoods. This article sheds light on the overall situation:

With the definition stands and falls the share that goes not only to the big three, but also the smaller labels or emerging distributors do not only make the artists happy and favorites change if the fairness is missing.

After making a major growth market more consumer-friendly, all market players in the music business should now be especially concerned with artist-friendly payouts.

Many of us use Bandcamp plus several music services to maintain your love of music. Qobuz also offers sales and Tidal wants to pay out up to €2 directly to artists. Certainly right decisions in the short term, but not after a general price reduction and an unfair distribution system that pays and promotes the big media show and not the many artists.

We need alternatives in the niche where we are. Whoever does not also manage to do that as a provider in a few years should lose in the market our regular payments. I think here regularly at least 30 to 50 € go into the pot to pay the artists, but it spills only a few Spotify-Apple-Amazon-Google-Deezer-Tidal-Qobuz water drops into the coffee pots of most artists. No one brews a warm cup of coffee from that in the winter.

I’m not sure if Bandcamp is really the better alternative for any artist in the long run, but at the moment it seems like if you’re still an emerging and not yet well known artist, get in touch here too and not just through Facebook or Twitter. Go different ways than the others and show yourself to your audience not only on stage but also here.

With huge marketing pots, intensively promoted releases are done for very few artists by the big major labels. We here are the niche that works differently. Those who read along in the community recognize this and use us as a community willing to pay. Music has a high value here. There are other reflections on the niche as well that might help artists as food for thought.

In the previous accounting system, the money to be distributed arrives at Abba, Adele & Co. Well-known artists gild your catalogs additionally for three-digit million amounts, so that the taxable profits of your distributors and current buyers do not explode and also there tax-reducing depreciations become possible.

This has nothing more to do with art and our love for music. I therefore think it is necessary that we get to know and appreciate the Bandcamp profiles not only of the customers but also of the artists in our community.

Of course, no one will start here by themselves unless there is a direct request.

I’ll make the start and hope that everyone in the community who is artistic on the road or wants to bring specific artists into closer focus now feels addressed.

I welcome Michael Dollan to our community with his Bandcamp profile.

After a little private exchange, he shall not only enjoy my attention.

What a symbolic image, maybe the artist himself can comment.


As ever, your words are interesting indeed Uwe, and thanks so much for shining a light here on my music on Bandcamp.
Horrified by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s recent investment in AI warfare technology I am #boycottspotify cancelling my subscription, and removing my own music. Will this hurt my finances, well, not really at all. I put music on Spotify late referring to it as ‘selling my soul’, and for about £1.50 in streaming fees. It really is insanely badly paid. Bandcamp have certainly given more income to me, and as a person who still buys music, I usually try there first. I recently completed my collections of The Antlers and Efterklang’s work, as well as several less well known groups, and some friends works.
To address the images. As an independent artist I actually do everything myself, I make the music, record it, make artistic videos for single releases that I put on YouTube, and ‘try’ to promote myself.
For my EP sometimes birds fall before they fly, the cover is made of photos from my trip to Norway-and the cover shot of the magpie with wings closed leaping from a building is also where the title came from! The snow pictures are from the train to Oslo from Bergen, and are where the Hoth scenes in Star Wars were filmed!
My most recent EP by mdTN is me and a Tennessee based artist MNTN, who I met on a Facebook group. We come from very different worlds and musical backgrounds (even generations as he is 20 and I am 45) but have created what we both regard as our best work so far-my choice being ‘this is the end’ undoubtedly my most accomplished musical creation to date, topped off with MNTN’s perfect vocal!
Thanks again for the shout out, and thanks to anyone who listens.

For our other artists please join in and share your work-I’ll definitely listen, and if I like it, I’ll buy it! :grinning:


Thanks for starting this thread. I too am an ardent supporter of BandCamp and what they’ve provided for us independent musicians. I’m on the mainstream streaming services only out of necessity, mostly to make my music more accessible to friends and family who find navigating BandCamp downloads and local files a challenge.

Here’s my BandCamp page:

Thanks in advance if you find the time to have a listen. I’m looking forward to hearing from other artists!


Thank you for introducing yourself here, because if no one takes the stage, nothing will be played and in times when the audience can not compete live, we enjoy every post here that invites us to browse in the community. Thank you for the offer.


That was delightful man. I’ll be back to check out more. Very mellow, beautifully produced-sounds great on my system!
I’m more of an alt-indie kind of guy for the most part, but I do like listening to a range of stuff - I listen to a lot of instrumental stuff when I’m working (I write a lot for work at the moment).
Thanks for sharing!


Thank you, Uwe. I appreciate the kind words and support.


Thanks so much, Michael. I’m anxious to check out your back catalog which I’ll be doing over the next couple of days.


My Bandcamp collection.


This is an important issue. I’ve been buying music from Bandcamp for years but still I paid Apple music money for streaming… but that has to stop now. 120 euros per year but I have nothing on my hard drive after paying that amount of money to Apple… I think I’ll give that money to artsist solely via Bandcamp and alternative places where I can buy music that will remain mine.


Bandcamp is a really good service.

Here are a couple of the Artists I have been engineer for.

I expect they’d be open to offer a 10% discount to Roon users - DM if you’re interested.

And on bandcamp be careful about downloading high res files in Apple Lossless Format. Bandcamp downsample anything above 48KHz to maintain some apple device compatibility, so best to use another format for 96K and above (both the above are 96/24)


I think the best thing we can do is to purchase the music we like, regardless of the format, and Bandcamp is a great way to do that. An artist I follow on Bandcamp sent out an email reminding us about the first-of-the-month Friday program where all proceeds of the purchase go to the artist/label. I didn’t think that program was still around. Does anyone know if it is always going on or will it end after the pandemic?


Bandcamp Friday is run every month and the last one was on the 3rd December. I think it’s generally the first Friday of each month.

Many bands send out a message to their followers on that day. You will sometimes see it posted in the listening thread’s when one of us has been on and blown the months spare cash


Thanks! I took advantage of it at the start of the pandemic, and it is good to see they continued it for the past couple of years.


Yes I think it was originally intended as a short term aid to Artis. I try to buy at least a few albums on Bandcamp Friday day


Here are a couple of NC artists that I really enjoy on Bandcamp. Give them a listen.


read more:

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Thanks for posting in another Threads

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I find it strange all the current talk of NFT music sites etc aiming to give control/income back to the artist, when that’s exactly what Bandcamp have been doing for years! Maybe they need a better marketing team, or perhaps most people really don’t care, and just want free music and are happy to screw the artist who made it? Am I sounding cynical, or just honest? IDK…
In any case, here’s my Bandcamp site. https://onemusic.bandcamp.com/ The music (all singles) is very eclectic, ranging from chilled ambient tunes, to covers, to devotional music, to groove/funk, to stoner rock. All the things I like… Perhaps there’s something in there you like too…
Long live Bandcamp!!!


I don’t see Bandcamp as an NFT, but it’s in the nature of things that the smaller providers of good music are looking for ways to market it better as well.

But we can be sure that Spotify and Bandcamp are hardly different. It’s always less than 20% of the artists/labels that take more than 80% of the revenue. 80% continue to go almost empty-handed.

With NFT, we are still in the creative development phase and there are certainly billionaires in the background who want to exploit even the last niche for themselves financially. The founder of Twitter is way out in front.

If someone only loves the music, he should really not think about market success anymore, but enjoy the good sides in the truest sense of the word.

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Now that’s something that gets a lot of love and isn’t just measured in monetary terms.

I will name my price: I love this music and thank you for sharing the loving lines

The wide field of love, health, meditation and self-discovery has many models and sounds, after enjoying some samples, I can say with certainty, this artist will now inspire you with good sounds.

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