Out of memory error (1.0b30 / Windows 8.1)

Roon doesn’t start anymore (after adding more information to the library).
Exception Source: mscorlib
Exception Type: System.OutOfMemoryException
Exception Target Site: Marshal.AllocHGlobal
Exception Message: Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program.
Exception Data: none

This happens between reboots, and irrespective of whether I start it as user or administrator.
Memory usage in task manager climbs up to 1.5GB, then goes down slightly (to 1.3GB) right before it crashes (without error, the window just disappears). I have 64GB physical RAM (…).

How do I best start to debug this, is there a “safe mode” for startup?

P.S.: The \AppData\Local\Roon\Database folder is 20.8GB in size - 19.4GB of that are in the images_1 folder

Just curious - how big is your library (how many albums)?

30k+ albums, not counting TIDAL.


Your 64GB won’t be addressable by roon it’s 32 bit. 30,000+ albums nice!

I understand the limitation that Roon is 32bit - hoping that it can be optimized to be less RAM intensive - at least where it’s not crashing constantly anymore

Right now, I found that if I minimize the Roon window at startup, I can wait for the network scanning processes to finish (while keeping memory usage slightly below the 1,400MB crash threshold).
Experimenting to see if that gets me to where with some careful repeated restarts it might become a semi-stable solution.
I’m sure that over time all of those things will get sorted out - price of being an early adopter.

The headless version coming out shortly might help you then, as long as you can run the client else where?

Hi @mzbe – thanks for the report and sorry for the trouble here.

We’ve tested Roon with some very large libraries, and depending on system specs, we’ve seen it stable (if a bit slower than we’d like) on Windows with over 300,000 tracks. Mac isn’t able to handle quite as many, but you’re correct that memory issues are likely at the collection sizes you’re talking about.

I would be interested to know how many tracks you’re importing here, but regardless I can tell you that until we move to 64 bit builds, performance with 30k albums imported is going to leave something to be desired.

@DrTone is right that our upcoming headless builds should help, and those are coming soon (most likely in the next few weeks). I will definitely be interested to see how they perform for you.

As for moving to 64 bit builds, that’s absolutely going to happen and I think you’ll be in much better shape once it does. However, moving to 64 bit will likely require a few weeks of development, followed by a few weeks of testing. So, the work will happen, but the question is when.

We’ve heard from just a handful of users having issues with collections this big, and we’ve talked with all of them, to explain the issue and make it right. You’ll be hearing from me as well, and we can decide how you want to proceed. Like I said, this remains a priority for us and it will happen, but the small number of affected users has pushed this just a few slots down the list of priorities, and I want to be clear that it’s hard right now to give you a more firm timeline.

I’ll be in touch via PM @mzbe and we can figure out what’s next. Thanks for the question, and for your patience!

thanks for taking the time to reply and for your explanation! I’m looking forward to see things getting better. Even in its current state, Roon is something very special (… when it works).
I would be happy to help test fixes for large libraries!