Output hardware - new user question

Hi all,

I’m a new Roon user, since last week; very impressed so far.

Currently I’m using 2 Linn network players connected by ethernet cable. I’d like to connect another room, which I can’t get a cable to.

Am I right in thinking that if I connect a Roon Ready network device to my LAN via Wifi (e.g. Bluesound Pulse) that I’ll be able to combine zones with the Linn devices? As opposed to an Airplay device, which I can’t?

Thanks for any input.


Hi Simon,

You can only Group Zones of the same type. The Linn devices are a special implementation and can only be grouped with other Linn devices.

More info here. (Linn has not yet been added to this KB article).

Obviously, you can add a Bluesound Pulse to your system, you just won’t be able to Group it with the Linn.

Also, here’s a link to the Roon User Guide.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Greg

Ok, clear, thanks for the info Greg.

Just so I understand, can devices from different makers on this Roon Ready list be grouped? i.e. these are all RAAT Zone devices? Or do they need to grouped together by manufacturer?



Yes, they can be grouped together regardless of manufacturer.

I currently group a RPi IQaudIO DAC and a Bluesound Pulse Mini.

Cheers, Greg

Got it, thanks Greg.

Hi @Greg,

Understand the limitation on grouping probably boils down to potential syncing issues. Would be good if you could allow for grouping under an advanced setting of zones, regardless of type group, under the pretence that you accept syncing may not be great?