Overcoming Sonos File Count and Memory Limitations

I have been contemplating purchasing Roon to use with my Sonos Zone Players 90 (now called Connect) which have been working well in a hard-wired Ethernet Cat6 situation with my Synology DS1815+ in a Windows 10 environment. Sonos has a library limitation on memory of something like 65k files which can be eaten up by metadata. Question is: If I use Roon to drive the Sonos players, can I bypass this Sonos 65k limitation? In other words, as I understand it, Roon would replace the Sonos library function; and Sonos would “merely” receive via Ethernet information that Roon has sent. The Sonos library function is very limited as it is, and I would be glad to be able to stop using it entirely. I am aware that if I used something like that Bricasti M5 which is Roon-Ready, I shouldn’t have any of these problems.

Yes, you can have an infinite sized library using Roon to play to Sonos Zones. You must use the Roon app to control the Sonos units. This also works with grouped Zones. (And unlike most third-party apps, Roon actually lets you change Zone groupings from within the Roon app itself.)

Just know that Sonos units can only be grouped with other Sonos units.

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