Overpay or be environmentally friendly?

I’m about to buy Yes’ new album “Mirror to the Sky”, but there’s a bit of a dilemma here. Amazon has the CD for $15.98, which is also the price on Yes’ website, but since I have Prime, I get free shipping. On Qobuz, same album at CD quality is $22.19 without Sublime, which is about 39% more.

(I don’t have Sublime as I don’t care about hi-res, so for me it’s not an option, but even with Sublime, the price is $17.09, which is still about 7% more than the Amazon CD.)

I’ve made up my mind already, but I’m curious what the crowd thinks. Which one would you go for?

  • Environmentally-friendly: $22.19 on Qobuz (39% more expensive)
  • Economical: $15.98 on Amazon (free shipping with Prime)

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For reference: Mirror To The Sky, Yes - Qobuz

If I had a collection of CD’s and wanted to add to it, I would buy the CD. Otherwise, I would buy the file. The price difference is not worth worrying about and I wouldn’t have to rip it. By the way, you don’t get free shipping. You paid for it with Prime.

PS: I have stopped buying bottled water.

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I still have my CD collection, but since I’ve moved to local streaming, I stopped caring for it and it’s just taking up space now.

Correct, but I use it for physical items and the occasional emergency purchase.

Well going by that $5 ish difference, I have about 6k+of records,c.d’s ,cassettes, R2R which would be $30,000 difference.
However I tend to buy from the Artist’s web site if it is available, which is not usually cheaper, so I am not going to preach which way you should go.

If you have a Prime subscription you must enjoy shopping at Amazon. Therefore, I see no reason why you wouldn’t just do that.

On the artist site, they only sell the CD, so it’s the “dirty” option. They also charge shipping, which brings it to about the price of Qobuz. Kind of worst of both worlds.

The reason is the environment. Not only do I get a piece of plastic, it also needs shipping.

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I would buy the vinyl personally.

But to the question it would have to be the physical CD as I just can’t bring myself to pay for a download.

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Vinyl and C.D. for me usually

Doesn’t Amazon have a downloadable one?

MP3 isn’t it?

I have no idea?
I would probably let someone else take the hit on the CD and buy it off eBay second hand.

More plastic, more shipping weight, more expensive, less SQ. I’m too practical for that.

In terms of endurance, the digital asset is the real thing now, not the physical one. The money I pay is also virtual and goes to the artist all the same.

The options on Amazon are: MP3, CD, vinyl.
Amazon.com: Mirror To The Sky: CDs & Vinyl

I like Yes, I wouldn’t want to do that to them.

My vinyl from the 1950’s says it has lasting power so when you take into account the long term it is quite environmentally friendly and It will out last me .

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Paper money was/is only a representation of a promise of its value.
Barter is the only real currency maybe.

Going a bit off topic, I guess you are going the download route from your comments.

It’s £30.49 for the double CD in the UK. No matter how much I liked them I would begrudge this. If I had the rest of their vinyl I would want that which is serious money here too.
Bring back the days of ‘pay no more than £6.99’ on the cover.

And to really throw in the towel…its bugger all on Roon (not counting your presumed Lifetime subscription)

Whenever I get a CD, I rip it, put it in a box with the others and forget about it. The end result is the same: a digital copy.

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I buy the vinyl and C.D. and also rip the C.D.