Overpay or be environmentally friendly?

Hi Jim, hope this finds you well. You might want to rethink the concept of tapwater consumption. I distill my own drinking water in a one gallon distiller. You can see from the photos the remnants of the unboiled residue left in the pot post distilling. (I clean my distiller’s resevoir after each gallon boiled). The residue left after distilling is yellow, and stinks. Your water may be better, but my tapwater is definitely not so good. I start with filtered water, and distill it prior to drinking it.

To the OP, I buy the CD everytime if the price break is not significant, or high-res. I dropped Qobuz Sublime last year, and am using just Tidal for now… I have to really like the material to buy it, otherwise I just stream it.


I think he’s buying one CD, not 6000.

It can add up, so at the end of the day (month/year), it’s a percentage of how much you spend on music.

That’s totally dependent of the location where you live. Where I live the water is bottled and sold as mineral water before it becomes tap water.

Back on topic :wink:

“Where I live……” is the key……

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I doubt he has bought only one CD in his life, it all adds up, like I said, for what I have already bought the difference would be 30k

How many CDs is that? Must be quite a collection.

I bought a new Denon SACD player recently and have been buying a few SACDs / hybrids over the last couple of years, some never have been opened….

Is the majority of your collection redbook, or do you have a lot of hi-res recordings.

@rrwwss52 See my post above (no2) bought over the last 54 years or so.

Another thing with buying physical media is that they still have a monetary value and can/could be resold. Quite a few records that I have bought are worth much more than I paid for them.
You cannot sell downloads.


I’ve just purchased the 2 CD version through their website (Burning Shed) for £15.57 inc VAT and shipping.

Darn good album, darn fair price.

My preferred way of buying music these days is via the artists website.

On Amazon UK it’s £13.99, but as I haven’t used Amazon this month that’s not including this month’s free.

Once received I’ll pop it in my Roon Mock machine and rip it. Then store it with my other 2 CDs. :rofl:

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Ok, the poll seems to have stalled at 32 votes, with the two options in a dead heat. I went ahead and cast the tiebreaker. Environment wins! Thank you all for participating! I got my download on Qobuz - along with The Smashing Pumpkins’ ATUM, which was a bargain at $9 for a triple album.


did any of you ever consider the time wasted and electrical power generated to fuel this discussion about signalling someone’s virtuous opinions of environmental empathy, in regards to a simple music source choice? What a WOFTAM.

Yes, I have had solar home powered for the last two months, no power bills & reading and writing in the community as part of a hobby. So not a WOFTAM for me and no doubt many others.

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My roof has paid my electricity for two years, including commuting to work in an electric car but don’t let the truth get in the way….

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Oh, the irony of this!

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I haven’t purchased an album of any format for years. I get a million albums for a few bucks a month.