Overview new functions in app?

I accidentally rejected the presentation of the new functions that pops up in the app the first time the version 1.8 is run.
Is there a way to see it again? I am not sure what is new and where to find it.
For ex I read about the “In their primes” selection but cannot find it

I don’t believe the new functions show can be re-enabled. The 1.8 Release Notes contain a list of new features.

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Thanks for the quick reply, that’s useful. I’ll look into them

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I was waiting for that on start up, but never saw it? Pretty sure I didn’t reject it, or click it away…

I’m sure with all the info available though, I’ll manage… :slight_smile:

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What the crossmark used for? I see that when you use that boutton, some track is removed, the one without the crossmark. Is the crossmark track the one the most listened too?

You can read about picks in this article: FAQ: What do the check marks next to albums and songs mean?