Overview taking over a minute to load

Working for me… but Overview load times are more than a minute.


Hi @Krutsch,

So we can better understand this would you kindly provide the following details:

  • Core machine details
  • Network details
  • Number of tracks in your library
  • Length of time it took previously to load overview (estimate is fine)

Mac Mini 2018 (quad core i3, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD).

1 Gb Ethernet, wired connection to wireless router that is wire connected to WAN router (300 Mb down, 35 Mb up).

Track count: 26,489 (which includes local library on a direct attached 2TB SSD, as well as TIDAL and Qobuz library).

Time to load: about 6 seconds.

I rebooted my Mac Mini and now, of course, the Overview load time is back to about 6 seconds.

Thanks for the details here, @Krutsch.

I’m glad that the speed here has improved for you after a reboot! If you see the 1 minute + loading return please let us know.

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Roon has been working really well. And, I have not seen the CPU spike problem for quite some time. Loving Roon…

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