OWC Softraid support

Core Machine

Intel iMac, 1T running Big Sur (fully updated) and latest version of OWC Softraid

Network Details


Audio Devices


Library Size

50000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Roon does not see this raid, which contains all my music files, so I can’t really use Roon without major changes or costs (NAS or changing from SW raid to hardware Raid) - the Mac has no issue with seeing them (iTunes, Audirvana have no issues with this). This is limiting me purchasing a subscription so if I cannot resolve this I’ll cancel my current trial

There was a Big Sur update today to 10.14.6 have you tried with this? It had some soft raid issues resolved iirc

Sorry do you mean 11.4? 10.14 was Mojave. I am on the latest OS update (from two days ago). Yes there were some issues earlier with Softraid and not being able to see drives but the Softraid 6.0.5 solved these (previous Big Sur update have added these but re-installing driver twice worked around those)

Well not certain what has changed but after a couple of reboots the raid is seen - I did nothing more.


Well glad to hear. I stopped using softraid as it just got so messy with Big Sur I gave up. I split my own drives onto separate volumes and don’t use for anything other than backups these days.