Owners Survey; LS50 Wireless are CONFIDENCE Purchase? HELP!

Don’t buy them. You have no guarantee and no real world support. They have had issues in the past and I am not sure you have any chance of knowing the provenance of a pair you buy because there has been no recall and no obvious update such as a new version.

I can understand what you’re saying, there’s something in your words.
but don’t forget every mass production has some failures and some defective.
if you check any product in their world there are always some defective product I can understand that.
that’s why I opened this thread to see advices from LS50 Owners about the reliable of the speakers.

keep in mind one thing, something that need to be said. Every satisfied person that vey happy and not have any issue In most cases and not likely will post anything to be heard. we can predict that KEF sold more than ten thousands units so if we heard 20-30 defective units its still not good but not a thing to be ignore as a fail product.

I suppose I live somewhere where I can buy anything with full support. It is a different proposition when you live somewhere where you have to import yourself and bear that risk personally. But if you want certain things that is what you have to do. But I do draw a distinction between the risk that something might fail and the evidence that failure is happening to these items. That is why I factored in the lack of information about revisions and versions where they may have put this right but the public has no way of knowing.

I don’t think you need our help any further. You are clearly intent on buying a pair of these lovely speakers so just go ahead. Let us know how you get on.

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