Owners Survey; LS50 Wireless are CONFIDENCE Purchase? HELP!

Hello KEF LS50 Wireless owners,

I’m deeply need your advices before buying these speakers, as they caught my attention as mentioned to be high quality HiFi audiophile system.

Many reviewers here holding me back since the possible of defective quality issues with the {internal components}, {connections issues} or problems with {clicking, static or cracking sounds} that cause for system failure and sadly to replacement.

I got a chance to be in USA for vacation soon and buying LS50 Wireless, since there is not an option to get it
in my country because it’s unavailable, I have to purchase and bring it in the airplane with me back.
KEF told me that there is warranty only on the country of purchase, so I take a risk here be without a warranty.

These are 2,200$ speakers, I NEED YOUR ADVICES what should I do, buy them with confidence or give it up on them because there is most likely be a defects, as you all want to know that we buy a speakers for many years to come without any worries.

The convenient of the LS50 Wireless as to be HiFi and Active speakers is the perfect combination, but buying without warranty is my concern.
Your responds and comments are more than welcome,

Maor :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge those problems have not surfaced in a long time. I personally have owned a pair since Feb of 2017. They have worked flawlessly for me since that time. I have done all of the updates without issue. Sometimes one reads about the handful of issues and is dissuaded from buying something. Most of the people that have had no issues do not post. Mine work. They sound great. One of the best purchases I have ever made in home audio. I like them better than the LS50 standard version but then again I do use them with a KEF sub. By the way there is also a new LSX that was just introduced for half the price if you have not seen that. Good luck with your decision.

Johan_Aiello hank you for the reply and advice. I was concern and honestly after reading some post here a bit afraid after seeing all these negative reviewers talking about replacement and unconfident buyers because 1 year warranty. I have a chance to buy KEF LS50 WirelessUSA but coming back to my country without any support (since its accepted only in USA) What should you advise to me? thanks again

I know KEF released new LSX but they less fit to my needs.
the LS50 Wireless is more powerful that’s why I considering about them.
upload this topic since I need to buy with confidence because if Im buying them there will be no warranty in my local area and very expensive to ship to USA.

I would not presume to advise you on this. Only you can decide if this is right for you. Sorry.

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I’ve had a pair for 1 year without issues yet, but I wouldn’t buy them without some sort of warranty, and also a good service centre in my own country.

These cannot be thought of like passive speakers which you can expect to last for years.

They are a full hi-fi system with electronic components and software and we all know that electronic components can and do go wrong.

Now… if a component fails, it may be reasonably cheap and easy to get replaced if you have a service centre near by, but if you have no support in your country? I’m not so sure.

I agree…check out Dynaudio active units…not roon ready …but sound amazing

I can’t find an equal competitor like KEF Brand and model such LS50 Wireless.
everybody says that KEF is a top notch sound brand, that’s why Im telling myself if it’s a confidence purchase.
to buy in USA and bring in on airplane to my country (-_-)
A difficult decision to make because I know the sound is more than fantastic but afraid from Static or Crack sound that can be occur.
that said, the real question is if those problems was a few from some specific models and fixed by KEF assuming this won’t happan again? as John_Aiello said above comment “those problems have not surfaced in a long time”

I’ll Check but I don’t this they match the quality of LS50 Wireless… what active model would you advise to check that match LS50 Wireless level?

although LS50W sounds awesome to me :slight_smile:

Thank for the reply,

I’m curious to know, if you desire buying LS50 Wireless but you only got a chance buy them without warranty,
since you can get them while you’re only in vacation in other country. would you buy them in confidence without any sort of warranty? because that’s my situation.

Have you read the Facebook page (unofficial, started by a member on here) recently…?

I would also do a comprehensive Google and look on Reddit for any current issues. I am not in the market for a pair but I still see the same issues popping up on the web.

The facebook page called “Unofficial KEF Ls50 wireless group” contains 62 members total.
from those 62 members, only 3 members post a problem on the page (posts from Jan, Feb and April 2018) and need for replacement. that still a concern.

Honestly, I just don’t know how appreciated known company as KEF has so much issues with LS50 Wireless,
this is surprise to me.
still asking my self if this problem were on a few models and will not appear again


Have a look here also:

Im familiar with thread. but my post is different in terms of asking owners if they think LS50 Wireless is reliable speakers to purchase it without warranty or local service.

that said, I really digging to know if those problems that were showed up in late 2017 till early 2018, were just few that fixed and speakers from many that works just fabulous!
asking myself if its just we see only those who has a problems but not the thousand that don’t reply for fantastic products.

Why don’t you write to KEF UK and specifically ask them if they have fixed all the issues by now? I tried the same about a year ago and they ducked the question, so I went off the idea of purchasing a pair. It isn’t just the ‘burnt out PSU resistor’ which seems to be a hardware design issue, but there are QC problems (read the Amazon reviews) and the overall experience of using the terrible app and updating the firmware (all well documented on the web). Updating them seems to carry quite a risk if the forums are anything to go by. In your situation, with no support available, that is quite a risk to take.

I’m contacting with KEF USA not with UK, but write on comment their e-mail I’ll send them that question.

problem with the software can be fixed with updated and user experience also can be fixed, you can see that
KEF working on updates and improving frequently the user experience. that’s no worried me.

What’s worried much is the possible of hardware and/or components failures such as cracking or static noises that can lead into broke sound or not function speakers that must a replacement, that’s what afraid me the most!!

that’s why problems with the app less concern me, but sending the pairs you bought for more shipping cost and be without them for a while could extremely frustrating.

that’s why I need to see for more advices and opinions what should I do…

From what I have read they don’t seem very reliable when connecting to them wirelessly. Considering they are sold as wireless speakers I would say that’s a major flaw.

About a year ago, I bought some LS 50 for my life partner. I’ve set her up a NUC with Roon. She listens to several hours every day and is absolutely happy with the look and feel of this stereo. The perfect investment for a not too big girls-apartment. I have done every update without any problems. The small speakers sound really good, so far there are no problem or any cracking noises. The NUC is connected via USB, but wireless works also. But i tested it only for a short time. So far only positive experiences.

Warranty or not. You can also have trouble despite warranty. I had a really expensive amplifier of a luxury brand, which always made problems. They could not solve it. I bought another. I had to pay 7k on top of the old one. So much for the guarantee.

Connecting them wirelessly, no. Connecting to them wirelessly, no problem. It sounds like the same thing but it’s not. The initial connection should be via wired particularly off you are using Roon. You can then connect and stream to them via wireless via Tidal, etc. I bet KEF regrets ever calling them wireless since everyone jumps on that. Since they have to be plugged in electrically they cannot ever be called “wireless”. Mine have six wires connected to the main and two connected to the secondary.

I own an LS50W for about 9 months already. Worked flawlessly with Roon. Used ethernet connection so the wifi performance didn’t bother me at all. The KEF control app on iOS solved the useless remote control problem. I never used the KEF Stream app, thanks to Roon. After 9 months, it developed a hardware problem where it goes pop and stops playing, with the power light blinking. Sent it to service. They told me they had to change the motherboard. Now, it is back to playing flawlessly. Will it happen again after the warranty period? I don’t know.

Should you take the risk? I wouldn’t.