Pairing Roon Nucleus with Chord M-Scaler paired with Hugo Chord2

Core Machine
Roon Nucleus.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Chord M-Scaler paired with Hugo2 DAC.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
From Core --> Running dual BCT outputs into Hugo2 with 1 Coax Input (with special Cable made from Moon Audio) to work with maximizing 768 upsampling.

Description Of Issue
Roon server sees the M-Scaler but does not see the Hugo Chord2.

I can configure the M-scaler but cant see or identiy the Hugo Chord.

It appears the Chord is connected I think as I have lighting idicatiion.

I can not play Audio through the Chord Hugo2 DAC headphone input.

Since it does not identify the Hugo2, I can not create a zone to play music.

Hello @tom_biggs,

It is expected that the Hugo 2 does not appear in Roon. Roon can only recognize devices that are connected to the computer via USB. This is why the M Scaler appears in the Settings > Audio screen when the Hugo 2 does not.

To play music from Roon using your M Scaler / Hugo 2 combo, you should be playing to the M Scaler zone. Ensure that the M Scaler is on the USB input (white) and the Hugo 2 on the dual BNC input (light blue).


does this look correct?

Hello @tom_biggs,

It’s difficult to tell based on a photo. It appears that the cable going from the M Scaler to the Hugo 2 is not pushed in all of the way.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, I would reach out to Chord’s support team as they would be in the best position to assist you.


Going by the manual that input looks right but doesn’t look like it’s in properly. Have you tried another connection to test the basic pairing, like optical for instance.

Thank you for the helpful response, it has always worked, meaning I have sound with Scaler / Chord2, sometimes the lights and colors play tricks on you. Would there be anythign else I would want to change. I can not see to get the light blue input light on the M-Scaler showing ups upsampling to 16X on a Flac CD file through Tidal. Thereis suppose to be a light blue light on the input, on the Chord M-Scaler which should tell me I am getting the highest resolution>? The BNC cables are good cable from Moon Audio connected from the Roon to the Chord.

Thanks you all for you help - set up below

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