Parametric EQ: Room corrections done manually?

Hi guys and gals,

Back in the day I did a little mixing of live bands. Prior to the band playing I’d crank the PA until I started getting feedback. I’d then use an equaliser to ‘find’ the offending frequency and pull it back. I repeated this procedure to get max volume from the PA without getting feedback. Now, am I wrong, or would this process effectively be taking into account the acoustic anomalies of the room? Would this process give you a ‘flat’ PA/Room system? If yes, then is this something I can do with Roon’s new DSP PEQ? I imagine connecting a mike to the MacMini, place it in the listening seat, and then replicate the process above. Crank the volume until I get some feedback and then use Roon’s DSP to find and pull back the offending frequency. But, can Roon “play” an open mike? (Does it do karaoke?!)

Cheers, Geoff

Hi Geoff,

I don’t think so as Roon has no microphone input by design.

And even if, don’t forget that you will not tune the room response with DSP - what you do is tune the frequency response at the listening position only.


Or take a look here:

I’ve found a nice comment in another thread that may help you a bit.
They use REW (free software) and a UMIK-1 microphone ($99)

@JSE I’ve split that out into another thread, because that is awesome!

Thanks! Have order the UMIK!

Cheers, Geoff