Parasound P6 - Roon-friendly?

Thinking seriously about a Parasound P6 Halo pre-amp to be combined with an A21+ amp, but trying to determine:

  1. Will it be detected and work OK with Roon?
  2. Is there a way to stream Spotify through it? Doesn’t look like it’s Spotify-direct
  3. Does the P6 DAC decode/render MQA files? (I thought it did but I can’t find confirmation ).

And if there are any fans out there, I’d love your thoughts about this combo, which would do music and HT-bypass double duty.


The Parasound Halo P6 is NOT Roon Ready, not even Roon Tested and the DAC does not support MQA. I have a P6 in my system that I use basically to listen to 2 channel music but as a source I have an ARCAM ST60 Streamer which will be Roon Ready soon. Right now I use Roon with the ST60/P6 combo via Airplay.


And I guess you use your Arcam to feed Spotify to the Parasound?

I don’t do Spotify, I do Tidal via Roon.

Does anyone know how well the P6 cooperates with Roon (is it detected? Can I control the P6 with Roon? I don’t care about DSP)?

I neglected to mention that I would connect my Roon Nucleus to the P6 via USB, so I’m pretty sure this would work, but need to check before considering a purchase.

I can figure out easily how to get Spotify fed into the P6, and I’ll determine how important MQA is or isn’t to me. But being able to use Roon with the P6 is critical, for me.


Here is the signal patch with my MacBook Pro plugged into the P6 USB Input. The P6 shows as available Audio Device and you can turn ON exclusive mode.