Parenthesis breaks Roon Search

If an album in your local library has an album named “( )”, Roon can no longer search for that artist.

This was discovered when I could no longer search for the artist Sigur Ros who has a 2002 album titled “( )” which I have in FLAC format in my local library. A search attempt for “sigur” yields “Can’t connect to Roon Search”

The log has an entry:

Critical: [search] error performing instant search: System.InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

at Base.Result`1.get_Value()

at Sooloos.Broker.Music.LibraryApi.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<<Sooloos-Broker-Api-Library-UnifiedAutocomplete>b__0>d.MoveNext()

If I change the Album Tag on the album from “( )” to “( ) test”, search works again.

I also tested this with another unrelated file and set the Album tag to “( )” and it also broke Roon search for the artist (I made the Artist “RoonTest”).

I am bringing this to your attention as it may be affecting other users. My work around is to rename the album for the time being.

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I’ll have a look, thank you for reporting this

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I can confirm this. System and network details are in my profile.

Can you check again, please? It should not throw any errors anymore.

The search query sigur ros is effectively the same as sigur ros ( ). Unfortunately, the brackets/parenthesis get stripped away by the search engine and won’t find the album that way.

Hmm that’s not good but even Qobuz can’t find this album by using ( ) on its own

There are a few special cases like this. Ed Sheeran’s shenanigans come to mind + =, etc.:

It’s a solvable issue but requires some special treatment deep down in the search engine.

Nobody is searching for Ed Sheeran, though, so it doesn’t matter!

Can confirm that this parenthesis bug is fixed.

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Closing the ticket now. If you’re still having trouble please let me know.

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