Parsing artist strings from Tidal

A subtle bug, or enhancement request;

It is common on Tidal albums that the album artist is written as Aaaaass/Bbbbbb/Cccccc or Aaaaaa, Bbbbbb, Cccccc. Neither is parsed correctly, even if I have listed Aaaaa, Bbbbbb and Cccccc as primary artist or add them to credits. The combination is white in the album display, and the string is added to the database as an artist.

What is required is Aaaaaa / Bbbbbb / Cccccc, with spaces surrounding the slashes.

This is cumbersome, I have to enter the possibly long string of artists.

I haven’t seen this formatting problem in rips, I use dBPoweramp, may occur with other tools.

Please look into more relaxed parsing rules for this.

+1. I’ve encountered this issue many times, and fixing things up is no fun.

I’d say the latter. :slight_smile:

I feel your pain too guys, particularly with classical music where the composers and/or conductor and/or performing artists are all merged into a single album artist string with a single ID. Unfortunately, the metadata that TIDAL provides us comes direct from the studios/labels and a lot of it isn’t great; but fixing it within the current metadata system is not the right choice from a resourcing perspective.

However, splitting compound artist names by heuristic will be possible in the new metadata system that we are currently building. Similarly, we should be able to spot multiple artists assigned the same ID and split these up.

The new system isn’t “imminent”, but it’s not 5 years away either! It has been designed to cope with these sorts of problems.

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