Password change on NAS

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Hello. My music files are stored on a NAS accessed via SMB. Recently I’ve changed the password. Naturally folders became inaccessible. For my surprise I haven’t found any way to change password in Roon. So I has to delete my links and insert them new. Have I lost all my amendments I was doing for weeks in my database?

Hi @Vadim_Branov,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Are you seeing that your edits are no longer showing up?

Do you have a backup from before this occurred?

Dear Dylan,

I have already fixed all myself by deleting old links and inserting links new, as i have wrote. So no, I cannot show you screens. There waere red notes saying the Link is no longer accessable. I have backup and thanks to it i was able to restore mw data.

Do you know if there is a function of change network password or not? I guess not, isn’t it? I am sure you have to add it.

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