Password change results in only one control point working

Yesterday, I was unable to login to the community site, reported my pw was incorrect, so this morning I changed my password and was able to login normally.

Roon shortly thereafter logged out all control points. Attempting to login resulted in stalled connection and timeout.

I restarted Linux Core and then was able to login using new password, however, when I login from a 2nd control point, the first is logged out.

Please advise

System consists of all current versions - Linux Core, MacOS and iPad(s) for control. All was well prior to the pw change.

Hi @Larry_Post,

You’re able to connect to the Core from one remote but not the other? Which remove is able to connect, and which cannot?

Just to verify here, you’re trying to connect to the Linux Core on both remotes and not use one of the remotes as a Core itself, correct?

I just tried again after some time had passed, an hour or so, and I was able to login to two control points at the same time.

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Yes. It would toggle between the two, MacOS and iPad. Login to one and the other would logout immediately.

Both remote were connecting to the same Linux Core. Not using either remote as a Core.

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