Password does not work on second computer

I have installed and am trying to open Roon , for the first time, on a window server 2012 based computer. Also using audiophile optimizer latest version 2.00 which does now recognizes Roon. Can’t open Roon at all on this computer. Eventhough I am using the correct password, keeps saying password is unauthorized. I have reset this password many times and still does not work. This problem only exists on this computer. I can login into my Roon account on my other computer without any problems. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my account settings or maybe AO settings?
Thanks Ian

You shouldn’t need to add a password to Roon on the second computer unless you’re also trying to run that one as Core.

I run Roon in two locations, when I want to switch between them I am asked to unauthorise the other location and authorise the second location. FOr this I do need my login and password.

Do you have a firewall issue on the PC that doesn’t work?

Have you checked the caps lock and keyboard layout ?

Yes I’ve type the password in many times and made sure everything was correct. Not sure if the problem is something to do with my network. As I understand you can install Roon a number of times as long as it’s on the same network. Not sure if there is some complication with network and permissions between computers. Could be firewall

I only have Roon installed on problem computer. I have yet open Roon up. Still going through the setup process. Not sure whether I should uninstall and then re install?