Password not accepted in new Roon install [Resolved]

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2021 iMac M1

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I have just downloaded and installed Roon core to my new iMac. At the sign in stage it refuses to accept my Roon password, which I must have right otherwise I wouldn’t be able to post this.

I have typed it, retyped it, copied and pasted it from LastPass. It just glares at me, not offering any help whatsoever.

Can anyone help please?


Hi @Michael_Hooker

Are you able to login at Roon’s accounts page?

You did not describe your network setup, that may be relevant as it could be that that Roon application can not access Roon’s cloud services for some reason.

Some users have experienced problems with the DNS service in use … switching to Google’s or Cloudflare often helps.

Thanks. That was the first thing I did, I checked my account to see if I was using the right password. After that I came here.

I don’t have a clue how to change a DNS service is, but Roon on my Windows 10 PC, on the same home network, worked OK, except when Windows Update kept changing my firewall permissions. The Roon app on my iPhone works OK too, though of course all it does at the moment is say it can’t find a server. I don’t have any problem accessing other services like OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Spotify for example.

But in any case, if what you say is the case, why is it telling me that I need to enter my password properly and not telling me it can’t contact Roon? It needs to be a bit less inclined to blame the user’s typing for the problem!

The Mac is currently connected by wifi to a VirginMedia superhub. This is not a permanent arrangement, it will eventually be connected by ethernet. The music player will run by ethernet from the same hub.


Well, nobody has got back to me, but today it let me sign in and set up Roon server, no problem. I read here that others couldn’t get a response out of the server yesterday either.