Pause button doesn't always pause (ASIO)

Almost every time I hit the pause button the music won’t pause. I have to click it again (pause sign goes back to “play”) and then again for it to really pause (3 clicks).
I’m not sure if it’s ASIO related or not as I’ve only been using ASIO so far. I will try switching to WASAPI for a while and see if it happens there also.

Thanks for the report. I will take a look.

I have seen same behavior, but primarily with DSD and ASIO.

Hit Pause, nothing (symbol changes to play), hit play, nothing (symbol changes to pause), hit pause, pause.

I think I found the issue–my understanding is that it is ASIO specific. The problem I found will be fixed in the next release.

If anyone finds that this is happening in non-ASIO situations, please let me know so I can look again.

So far I haven’t experienced it with WASAPI, I also believe it’s ASIO specific. Thanks!

I had the same situation with wasapi going, so I"m thinking its not just an ASIO issue.