PC Doesn't see UDP 205 via USB

Hi. I’m having trouble getting my custom-built audio PC running Windows 10 to see my UDP 205 via USB. I am running DAC firmware 0118 and player firmware 0625. I’ve installed the Oppo driver on my PC – version 3.34. But on the Sound – Playback control panel, it says “No audio devices found” and on System – Settings – Sound it says "No output devices found.

I know the USB cable is good, and I’ve tried with most of the USB ports on the PC. Any suggestions?


  • Jeff

My reply is probably silly, but have you checked the option USB input on Oppo?

Thanks for responding. I eventually did find the way to do it, and it was a Windows issue. Windows 10 is not very intuitive, at least to this long-term Mac user.

Take care.

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Hi Jeffrey running into the same problem here. Could you share your solution to this problem?

Edu, that post is 4 years old.

Paging @Jeffrey_Gayton are you around for a question?

Perhaps he will see an email now.

@Jim_F , did you ever run your Oppo 203 via usb on windows?

No, I use Ethernet in and HDMI out.

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Wow. That’s a blast from the past. Unfortunately, I forgot how I solved the problem. I’m also not using the Oppo as a pre/pro anymore, so my PC is no longer connected to it.

Sorry I can’t help.

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Thank you both for trying, I’ve only had my 205 on Mac, let’s see if someone else can help.

Thanks everybody!

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