PC Tidal and Roon Tidal search differences

I can only find one Amy Macdonald album via Roon, yet several via PC or iOS Tidal apps. Seems to be a continuing problem? Any fix?

Hi Cliff,

I see 11 in each app, although there are the same albums with different versions.

Tidal app:


What is you location?

Cheers, Greg

Well, I’m not sure what’s going on. I only saw one originally then when I revisted the PC app and made 3 more albums as favourites, they then appeared in the Roon search with the ‘new’ label on them. Still only 4 showing in Roon. I’m in the UK.

Hi Greg

Is there a problem with the search function more generally?

I searched for a track “heebie jeebies.” I was after a 1925 recording by Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five. When I go into Tidal tracks in Roon this shows 10 tracks, none the one I want.

When I perform the same search directly into Tidal this track is listed as the third entry under tracks.

Fair enough this is just one obscure track but is there a more general problem I need to be aware of? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Michael,

If you click “View All” beside the Tidal tracks results, you will get many more hits. I tried your search and I think the one you want is about 38 down.

With a search like this, and because there are so many heebie jeebie results, you might want to narrow your search down by typing “Louis Armstrong Heebie Jeebies”. You’ll probably be happier with your results.

Cheers, Greg