Peachtree Audio nova300 issues with DSD

My set up is.

Peachtree Audio nova300 can play DSD 500 something.
My streamer is Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra.

It’s Roon Ready but I can‘t play DSD files.
I tried everything, the exlusive button is active.

The DSD alternative don’t show up only PCM 384.

The peachtree does not do DSD 512.

Your Peachtree Nova can play up to DSD128 if connected via USB to a Linux or Mac OS PC. DSD 256 is achievable with a Windows PC and the ASIO drivers connected via USB

The Pro-ject is a linux based device and I would expect that you will be limited to DSD128, but, I have not tried it. Can you post a screen shot of your Signal Path in Roon, and of the Audio Device setup.

One thing to check is that you have Roon’s DSD playback set for DoP and the setting of the Pro-ject should also be DoP. Linux and Mac devices do not do native DSD except for a few very rare exceptions.

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thank`s Rugby. It´s my pro-ject dac who has 512 . Then i know Happy New year

When a direct play from Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultras own proj-ject play it´s no problem to play DSD 256 via USB to my peachtree. I wonder if you can join Peachtree into roon. I find pro-ject but not peachtree as a player

I´ve read the manual on pechtr. nova 300. Usb B port can play via windows AND osx play 32-384 and DSD 5.6 . I tried it and it works perfect. Downloading pine layer to my mac book -connected it and the display shows DSD 256 And DSD 5.6 when playing so peachtree are not the problem. When I playing pro-ject play app it´s no problem playing DSD 256 but DSD 5.6 no good. Because ultra i s limited to DSD 256 I thinK. So the issue is how can I use roon properly to play DSD? Some whispers that peachtree building a WIFI modul and gonna release in spring this year. Do you think it possible to play roon there?

i´ve solved it . roon transforming too DSD 64 and thats okej for now

Sadly, not as far as I know. I’ve talked with Peachtree support about it and were told that they currently do not have plans to add RoonBridge to the WiFi Module. A mistake in my opinion.

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