Peculiar mismatch between an iPad and a Windows 10 PC Roon Remote

Roon Core Machine

Running Roon 2.0 latest by auto update.
Windows 10 PC, i7-6960 Extreme, GPU Aorus RTX3080Ti Extreme Waterforce
Plenty of disks for O/S and personal stuff and video and photo graphics S/W

iPad is 5 years old. but has the latest IOS 5.2 iPadOS 15.6.1

QNAP TVS-882 32GB RAM, 2x1TB SSD for database, 6x10TB RAID 10 for music files.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Communication provider’s Router/switch, ethernet to PC and dual ethernet to NAS.
No VPN between these devices and to 2 HiFi systems music servers to TIDAL.

Connected Audio Devices

Cocktail Audio X45Pro Ethernet connection
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Ethernet connection

  • both are connected to different HiFi systems but the source can be interchangeable.

Number of Tracks in Library

47,825 tracks over some 4500 albums.

Description of Issue

If I use Roon on the PC all the albums look normal, i.e. one album version unless I have specifically bought a more recent version.

If I use Roon remote on the iPad I see 4-6 versions of the same album but they all play the same.

Something is dicky and I am not really an Apple person to understand what is going on.

Do you really mean ios 5.2 ?

Even at that age it should be on 12

How about sharing some screenshots?

Sorry for the mistake re the IOS version. I should have said IOS 15.6.1

A quick look at the image shows that some albums have different encoding, e.g., WAV, AAC etc. Although some appear to be identical.

There could be a couple of things at play here. Alternate versions aren’t grouped, and you have inadvertently setup Roon to monitor the same library folder multiple times.

To check, for identical releases, view the file path by visiting a track from the album, clicking on the ellipsis, and viewing file info. Are the paths different?

Again, screenshots are helpful.

I think what has happened is that on your Windows PC Roon client you have got Settings > General > Show hidden tracks and albums turned OFF (the default), while on your iPad, you have Settings > General > Show hidden tracks and settings turned ON.

These General settings are unique to each Roon client or Remote device, so Roon can look very different between devices (if you want that).

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Thanks Geoff, I’ll look into that tomorrow when I get home from hospital. A strange setting anyway :slight_smile:
Your reply is appreciated.

Hey @Adrian_Gibbons,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if @Geoff_Coupe’s suggestion sorted things out for you?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

Hi Ben,
Yes, that was exactly the correct solution. Please thank Geoff for me. I may have found it eventually (this time next year!). The system works perfectly now.

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