Performance listings only show identified albums

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It has always been the case that clicking on the “performances” bug on a track takes you to the Work Details page, which has on it a listing of performance of the work. That listing has always been complete, bar mismatched work titles or opus numbers.

Now (since 1.8, I think), that list includes ONLY performances which are on identified albums.

Am I missing a step? How do I show all performances?

For example, Shostakovich 8th Symphony:

The work line has the link, with 33 by it. When I click on it, I get to a list which (when I’ve clicked the “in my library” button) has only 3 identified albums in it, NOT including the unidentified album where I started and which got me there. Which is weird.

So what am I doing wrong? Or did someone break the performance listings? :slight_smile:

You are only showing your library. Unselect the library only option:


You’re right. But why would you expect unselecting the “library only” option to show me performances from my unidentified albums?.. I have just tried it, and it now shows “all” performances, but still only those from Identified albums, which is not what I want.

A complete genius has pointed out that switching off “only complete performances” makes the listing included performances from unidentified albums. Thanks @mike !

The question remains, why this would be the case. The performances on the unidentified albums are complete, so taking the interface at face value, this is still wrong - they should have been shown. On the other hand if Roon is getting the “complete performance” attribute from metadata, not from munging or deduction, obviously it won’t be “true” for albums without metadata.

A pity but not a deal breaker by any means.

Thanks guys!


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