Performance Problems again

Windows 10 on H8750 laptop with 16GB of RAM

Description Of Issue

A while ago behaviour was very much similar, click on a song, it takes 30 seconds to play.

Back then, it was Windows 10 crippling my Roon Server laptop because it wanted to install updates.

But today there are no updates. I am guessing this is related to COVID-19 and the fact that the Internet is overloaded.

But the thing that bothers me is this:

I click on a song which is not my LAN, and it still takes forever to start playing. I mean the song is right there on the Gigabit LAN.

Listening to music is just not fun anymore, and this is just when I got a pair of Focal Sopra 2’s and a kickass tube amp!

So i want to ask this question: I feel like maybe I am the reaching the capacity of Roon, with 33,000 albums and 350,000 songs in my library. What is the limit of Roon on Windows 10, please?

I chose Windows 10 because there were some conversations at some point that revealed that Windows 10 has better capacity than Roon Core/Cube/Box or whatever that product is.

Also, I notice now that my Roon Server Windows 10 is using 75% of the 16GB memory. Is memory the limitation?

Finally, I re-scanned a HD with 250,000 songs on it on the weekend and it took like 2 days to do it. Now this part I can believe is the Internet and or Roonlabs metadata servers being overloaded.


The laptop is probably the limiting factor.

Yes, that is exactly the article I remember that convinced me to go to Windows 10 instead of Rock. i do agree with the article that Windows 10 is a pain in the neck since they constantly have updates which cause slow downs and reboots, but I have learned to live with it.

The laptop has 500GB SSD and 16GB RAM and 8th generation i7. At this point I am thinking the issue is memory, but i am not sure. If some has similar size library and could comment, that would be great.


Hi @G_Man,

You do have quite a large library, but the Core does seem fairly powerful. Can you let me know if this issue occurs on all of your endpoints?

If you try playing to “System Output” (the PC’s internal speakers), do you still see a 30 second delay before music starts to play?

Where is the media stored, is the HD an internal hard drive or an external one? If you add a few tracks to the PC’s internal HD, do they display the same issue?

Thanks, Noris,

I will save these troubleshooting tips for the future. In this case, it turns out it that one of my two routers was messed up. I discovered this by talking to my ISP tech support, when I noticed that my download speed is down to less than 1 Mbps. But when I bypassed the router, it went back up to 300 Mbps.

Factory reset and restore from backup fixed the problem.

Thanks again,

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Hi @G_Man,

Glad to hear you sorted the issue out!

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