Performance problems / Memory usage


one questions to all you Linux experts out there. I am running Roon Core on Ubuntu 16.04. Hardware is an Intel NUC7I5 (8GB RAM and a 20GB SSD).

I am happy with the setup but from time to time (once in a week (sometimes more often, sometimes less often)) I experience performance drops (slow searches, delays when skipping/starting tracks, etc).

Last time the server seemed slow I used htop to check cpu, memory and processes. I saw that the memory section was maxed out (but mainly with yellow bars). I had about 40 instances of the “RoonAppliance.exe” process. Unfortunately I lost the screenshot.

This screenshot below was taken immediately after stopping/starting the Roon Core (not rebooting the machine). In this situation the performance is back to normal again.

Any ideas or suggestions ? Have you experienced similar behaviour ?

One thing which might be important to point out is that I put my machine to sleep every night with the rtcwake command.

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I am running the core on Ubuntu 18.04 and have noted what seems to be a memory leak; so once in a week or so I stop and restart the RoonServer process. But I only have one process for each of RoonServer, RoonAppliance and RAATServer, even after several days of uptime and with music playing.

Hi there,

I am currently encountering the same issue, currently running roon server on a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.

My Zabbix monitoring indicates high memory usage after about 5-8 days of listening to music. I have a lot of these Roon instances as well. Were you able to fix it by any chance? Otherwise it seems that the only solution would be to periodically restart the entire virtual machine, or the roon server process entirely.

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Hi Felix,

No, this issue is not resolved for me. If anything, it got worse with an ever bigger database. I am now little short of 195.000 tracks and I still restart Roon Server every other day. But I only see one instance of Roon Server and Roon Appliance. I’ve never seen multiple instances.

The Roon guys said on another thread that they were working on this. Let’s hope for the best.

Same here. It’s still happening but it doesn’t bother me too much at the moment. I stop/start the service when I notice that things start to get slower than usual. (maybe every 2-4 weeks). Once in a while I reboot the server entirely. I am still running Ubuntu 16.04. My library contains 32000 tracks.