Performance problems / Memory usage


one questions to all you Linux experts out there. I am running Roon Core on Ubuntu 16.04. Hardware is an Intel NUC7I5 (8GB RAM and a 20GB SSD).

I am happy with the setup but from time to time (once in a week (sometimes more often, sometimes less often)) I experience performance drops (slow searches, delays when skipping/starting tracks, etc).

Last time the server seemed slow I used htop to check cpu, memory and processes. I saw that the memory section was maxed out (but mainly with yellow bars). I had about 40 instances of the “RoonAppliance.exe” process. Unfortunately I lost the screenshot.

This screenshot below was taken immediately after stopping/starting the Roon Core (not rebooting the machine). In this situation the performance is back to normal again.

Any ideas or suggestions ? Have you experienced similar behaviour ?

One thing which might be important to point out is that I put my machine to sleep every night with the rtcwake command.

I am running the core on Ubuntu 18.04 and have noted what seems to be a memory leak; so once in a week or so I stop and restart the RoonServer process. But I only have one process for each of RoonServer, RoonAppliance and RAATServer, even after several days of uptime and with music playing.