QNAP memory Hog from latest version

Hi all, working super well on the new version on QNAP except for one thing, which may be my setup or something else. other than archives, all I use my QNAP for is music, so nothing else running on it. Since the new version, the NAS slowly grinds to a halt over a few days.

Memory is basically full. Optimise doesn’t free anything up. Roon taking up 11.9GB on the resource monitor. Only started doing it after this update.

I have a high spec NAS with 256GB SSD running Roon and 1TB SSD running cache acceleration overall.

Thoughts on things to check?

how many tracks in the roon database?

367,000+ but that’s never been an issue before

Here you go - Roon on separate SSD (9GB out of 250GB) and then the 20TB of RAID 5 has 3TB free on the drives and 1TB of SSD cache acceleration…

Also full 16GB RAM and fast(ish) processor when purchased.

360K+ tracks is lot to run on a NAS…

hasn’t been for the last 6 years…

Hi @cmr600,
The latest QNAP update contained only changes in the webpanel and there are no changes that might affect the environment for the Roon Server software.

I’d recommend to open a thread in the #support section and ask for advice at the Roon support staff.

Check this thread:


This won’t solve the memory leak but easy workaround is to set schedule for Roon so it quits the app at night and starts it after one hour. I think that’s the shortest time frame. Point being, restart the app daily. I’ve never had problems with memory leak with schedule on. TS-253D here with 8gb RAM and no cache acceleration.

I’ve had that for a year or so - which worked, except now when it re-boots, it has a weird connection to my Meridian 818, which shows as connected and “plays” with the audio bar graphics moving up and down, but doesn’t power up the M kit or if powered up plays no audio. It’s as if on re-boot something gets stuck memory wise and it thinks it’s connected and playing but isn’t… :frowning: