Periodic stopping of playback (Tidal)

I am on a strong network and just listening off my laptop as an endpoint (MacBook Pro feeding Explorer2, streaming Tidal).

Sometimes playback stops. It has happened three times in the past few days. I do not have Roon active visually so I don’t know if it popped up a message.

1 - is anyone else experiencing this?
2 - is there any log to see why playback stopped?

I don’t know if related, but every time I start up I the morning I get a red box saying Tidal login failure. After 1 or 2 retries it reconnects.


I do get the same problems you’ve described from time to time. Also tracks skipping or certain tracks becoming unavailable. I use a combination of my library and Tidal.

I’ve not been able to work out what’s causing the problem.

This happened to me today, streaming to Sonos speakers. No other obvious network issues. Just plain stopped.

This has also started happening to me.

Sometimes the track will stop playing. If I hit the play button in Roon twice (pause then unpause) the track will play again as normal. Sometimes it will pause for a few seconds, start playing for a couple of seconds then pause again (repeat).

Only happens on Tidal tracks, not local
Doesn’t happen if I play Tidal via the tidal website or app.

I’ve just started having similar issues today. Are you getting the warning that says ‘Tidal media loading slowly…‘? See the attached pic. Mine only seems to stopping / skipping tracks when playing MQA on tidal.

Here’s a thread I created asking for help.

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There’s an army of people with the very same issue in Australia.


It’s clear that the Tidal Content Delivery Network (CDN) is not cutting it when it’s busy.

A workaround is to turn on a VPN to the USA and access Tidal that way if that is feasible in your setup.