Perplexed - I want to hide

I have searched this issue on the forum and can see that others have had issues with it - and some have been resolved, I tried all the methods suggested and can’t fix it

I had 2 albums both Flac ( one was a older version with an extra track )

So I " hid " one of the Albums

and then decided that I wanted it back - so I removed the other album and " unhid " the album
This did not show up - so I went to settings and opted for "Unhide " the album did not " unhide " so I renamed the album - still did not appear

So , I removed from my Hard drive and re - ripped it , it still did not appear - so I renamed that too

still…no show

Tempted to give up , unless anyone has any Ideas

I have a Mac running OS Mojave 27 inch late 2013 3.5 GHZ intel i7 32 GB 1600 DDR3 memory


Hi @Ray_Thomas, I’ve had one or two similar issues on occasion, but I’ve usually solved them via trial and error. I’ve taken the liberty of moving your post to the support section as then they’ll see it and be able to help.

Thanks Killdozer - I have tried to fix it , but sometimes I feel like I’m wasting far too much time on stiff like this

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One thought @Ray_Thomas, have you tried telling Roon to show hidden tracks and albums on the settings page, see under BROWSING PREFERENCES on attached screenshot. Might make a resolution easier at least.

This may work for you. Pretty much you need to start again.

  1. Remove both albums from roon by moving their folders in IOS to another folder roon isn’t monitoring.
  2. Then “clean up library” so that roon has no memory of these two albums. Settings → Library → Clean up Library. Not cleaning the library is probably what is causing the confusion.
  3. Copy both folders back to a roon monitored folder.
  4. This time instead of hiding one of them, “Group alternate versions”. Then you can set as primary which version you want to be visible in most screens. Highlight both Albums → Three dots in Circle (Top) → Edit → Group alternate versions

Roon isn’t terribly consistent but this is probably the best compromise. In some screens you will see just the “primary version” in others you will see both. There are several feature requests to make the primary version display more consistent across screens but it would appear to have a low priority.


Hi Tony

Excellent - that worked
Many thanks for the great tip

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