Personal rating of tracks

I Would like to personally rate tracks on the cd’s I play. My friend’s Aurender offers this possibilty in the firm of 1 to 5 stars. How about Roon?

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I created 5 tags for this purpose: ‘1 Star’ till ‘5 Stars’. You can then rate tracks by using ‘Add to tag’ from the 3-dot menu. Works like a charm with Focus, and I also bookmarked e.g. the ‘5 Star’ playlist. Just perfect!
Hope this helps…

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I started a thread requesting this in Feature Requests about 2 years ago. No luck so far. Every now and then the discussion picks up. We’ll have to wait and see…

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Doesn’t Roon offer this? Unless I am missing something.
In the individual album view you can add your own rating below the Roon rating.

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This was my initial reaction, too, but Roon provides this capability for albums, whereas the OP is requesting it for tracks.

3 years later, still not a feature

How many of these are you going to revive?

What difference does it make?

Probably none.